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In the interview, she clears the air why she was thrown out by both events. It was like a soft kick out. They took the and security was walking with me first but I felt like I could have gone back to my seat.

Face fuck me finn

I left because of discomfort after that. I expected that. I never meant to go viral with the three years ago. I had nosebleed seats way up and snuck down and someone took a picture and it went viral, and a shit storm happened from there. I brought it for a throwback and get the point why I was kicked out for it. There are plenty of moments where I was just watching, sitting innocently sitting and standing with the crowd. I definitely was not causing a ruckus. There was no other time I was asked to sit down.

During that match Finn vs Reigns I got a little excited, I was told once, maybe twice to sit and I did. I do apologize for the behavior of the person I was with. I do not personally know that person. He asked me to go to the show the day before, we met at SummerSlam and I was like, absolutely. If you look at the sites covering it all they did was take screenshots of me shouting at the ring.

They were saying I was shouting obscenities, not true!

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There were kids behind me watching Bayley and I was getting out of their way and they were so excited and so cute. I had no idea what was going on to my left or behind me. He was also the Royal Rumble winner, has 11 Slammy Awards and let us not forget his record at Wrestlemania.

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The Undertaker is the longest reigning wrestler in WWE. Some of the names on this list may come as a shock to fans, but nonetheless, these are the seven wrestlers who you did not know who have beaten The Undertaker. Toward the end of the match, Undertaker had hit the tombstone pile-driver on Goldust leaving fans thinking The Undertaker was going to win.

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When he opened the casket, Undertaker and fans were shocked to see Mankind ascend from the casket giving the Mandible Claw to The Undertaker. His only feud was with The Undertaker. Kama would lose the feud with The Undertaker and after seen sparingly until when he ed The Nation of Domination in The entire match saw The Undertaker beaten down by the Nation.

He never had the chance to make a tag. Kama had pinned The Undertaker.

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After the match, Ahmed Johnson would turn on The Undertaker. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam. The match was supposed to happen earlier in the night on Raw. However, The Undertaker took it upon himself to attack Van Dam from behind which resulted in the match taking place later that night on Raw.

Sadly, for RVD, owner Ric Flair would come to the ring and point out that The Undertaker had his foot on the rope and ordered the match to restart. Many fans will remember Vladimir Kozlov as being the tag team partner of Santino Marella. What most fans do not know is that Kozlov holds not one, but two victories over The Undertaker. Kozlov debuted in and had run through the competition in the WWE. He won his first match versus The Dead Man via disqualification when Jeff Hardy interfered and attacked Kozlov costing him the match.

What makes the match so ificant is that no professional wrestler who was a heel had ever pinned The Undertaker without cheating, without interference, until Kozlov. Yes, Undertaker went on to win that ladder match and infamously break kayfabe and showed Hardy respect by raising his hand after the match.

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It was years later in on Smackdown that The Undertaker would face Jeff Hardy again, but this time in extreme rules match. The extreme rules match saw chair shots, kendo sticks, and of course, a ladder. The match was going back and forth until The Big Show interfered. The Big Show threw Hardy out of the ring. The Big Show then turned his focus on The Undertaker. He would choke slam The Undertaker. After, Hardy would climb the ladder and hit a leg drop onto The Undertaker and the referee counting 1,2,3.

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Matt Hardy takes the second spot on this list as well, like any brother rivalry, Matt Hardy actually pinned The Undertaker first. Inon an episode of Smackdown, The Undertaker wrestled Hardy in a falls count anywhere match. Pretty much the entire match Hardy was dominated by his opponent The Undertaker.

They wrestled in the ring, in the crowd, and then made their way to the back of the arena. Maven was the first Tough Enough competition winner. During the hardcore mayhem of trash cans, ring bells and a huge chokeslam, it was The Rock with a steel chair shot and a Rock Bottom that would help Maven get the victory and win the Hardcore Title.

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Some gimmicks still slip through the cracks and are hit or miss with the fans. However, in the s, professional wrestling was full of talented wrestlers. Talent alone was not enough to get by though, so these wrestlers needed a gimmick and a good one to get over with the crowd. While some gimmicks were better than others, some gimmicks resulted in some rather gross and disgusting superstars. While they were not the most handsome men to look at or had the best bodies, they were Face fuck me finn able to get over with the crowd.

Some of these wrestlers were able to make a big impact from holding championships to even ending up in the WWE Hall Of Fame. This list of superstars from the past and present have everything from missing teeth and bad hygiene. These superstars would use their armpits as a move, lick faces of referees, other wrestlers, or even lick the faces of fans in the arena!

For some, it was not their actions or moves that made them gross, for some it could just simply be their bodies and ring attire that made them gross. Tommy Dreamer might not seem like he belongs here, but he definitely does. At this time, Dreamer was shown in segments doing some rather gross things from brushing his teeth and his dogs teeth with the same toothbrush or eating food off the floor.

Face fuck me finn

However, what truly makes Tommy Dreamer a gross superstar? Rikishi had a long career in WWE with several gimmicks, but his most notable gimmick was when he was a part of Too Cool. From here, he would hike his tights and thong up, slap his dimpled cheeks and brown nose his opponents with his big bottom. Sabu does not have any moves that come off as gross, nor has he had any gimmicks that were specifically gross.

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Sabu has made the list for one reason and one reason only: his scars. Sabu is not a pretty boy by any means. However, over his many years in the business, Sabu had many extreme matches, including several barbed wire matches. One particular barbed wire match with Terry Funk saw Sabu gash his bicep open so bad, he tried to use duct tape so he could continue the match.

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These matches left Sabu with many scars all over his body, which make him a little difficult to look at…. Luke Harper is the most recent superstar in WWE to make the list. Luke Harper is part of the Wyatt Family but none of them compare to him in terms of grossness.

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Not only does his facial appearance gross fans out but his wrestling attire does too. Dirty jeans and and a stained yellow tank top that is supposed to be white leaves us with one question, has Luke Harper ever changed his clothes? Mick Foley has had many personas over the course of his length pro wrestling career.

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One of his grosser personas was his first in WWE, Mankind. Mankind was a deranged superstar who would be seen holding a big rat, ripping out his own hair, and. While in his most famous match as Mankind with The Undertaker at Hell In The Cell inhe was been thrown off the cell, then through the cell and was seen trying to push his tongue through a hole in his lip.

While his deranged persona left fans creeped out, his finisher also managed to gross fans out.