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During last night's episode, Jayne snapped at her costar after Garcelle continued to bring up Erika's admission that estranged husband Tom Girardi still regularly called her. Now, we have a little more insight into why that set her off.

Erika Girardi Hot

Online: 2 hours ago


During this season of RHOBHthe cameras captured the cast reacting to the massive embezzlement case Erika50, and her estranged husband Tom, 82, are currently facing. According to the insider, reunion host Andy Cohen was told by network bosses to ask the "difficult" questions fans have been demanding answers to all season long.

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She has a gorgeous body, but the photo shoot feels very "Truth or Dare" to me so I wish they would've done something a bit different. But, if I had that body I'd probably take pictures of myself all the time lol. Erika is stuck permanently in the mid 90's to mid 00's.

single biatch Remi

I would roll around the bed in money like Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal. Every day, just for fun. I have many snarky things to add but I'm trying to stay positive! I don't like Erika but I think she looks good here, except for the fur.

Erika was slammed for her earlier post in which she was wearing pricey louboutin shoes

I personally just can't with furs. I have to say, though I've seen criticism of her personality, choices, etc. Everyone seems to agree that she's gorgeous.

passionate sister Gloria

Erika looks amazing! Money is not enough.

Falling out from friends

Better to be broke and in love. The lighting on 3 sucks.

passion female Anahi

It's aggressive. But 2 - fucking hot.

talent ladies Cecilia

Naughty AF - but hot! She is so pretty and sounds so great in interviews, I want to love her, but she came off so lame in the show :.

eye-candy prostitute Maleah

She's got a great body, but the photography is less than stellar. I'm kinda of surprised. The first shot is my favorite- nice composition. The second one going up the stairs is a joke.

'preparing for battle'

Who uses a hard flash like that? The chapel one, just ok. But the last one bothers me the most. First off, besides the obvious awful lighting what room is that? What's with the tacky candlesticks? At least straighten the candles!

Erika jayne

And that window covering. Is it a bamboo shade?

lonely escorts Treasure

My imagination places an unmade guest bed below the window. In fact, it may be the one from her video, hahaha. Honest disclaimer, I didn't read the article and don't know Galore.

white girl Karla

Found the internet! Beverly Hills.

dirty lady Bailey

Posted by Stop the fuck. Sort by: best. This does nothing for me. Continue this thread.

lonely ladies Novalee

She looks great - isn't she about 44 years old? What the hell is Galore? Haters are going to hate. She looks amazing! More posts from the BravoRealHousewives community. Created Oct 1, Community Heroes Powerups Top posts april 22nd Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.