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Enforced chastity stories, I'd like dating men who like Enforced chastity stories

This morning when I woke up I was in a strange room lying next to a beautiful woman. My head was pounding with the worst hangover headache I have ever felt plus my throat was dry.

Enforced Chastity Stories

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The next day Chastity was unable to make it out to see Jeremy, which made her sad, but she was a little afraid of him putting his big black cock into her poor little asshole, so she wasn't that sad. In fact, she wondered if she would be able to find the courage to go out to his next lesson even when her father DID go out and leave her home alone. She was s I heard the keys in the door and felt the rush of wetness in my panties. David is home- with Katie.

How old am I: I am 18
Nationality: I'm japanese
Who do I prefer: Man
What is my hair: Brunet hair
Figure features: I'm skinny
What I like to listen: I like to listen classical
Other hobbies: Yoga

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Unread post by StephanieLocke » 25 Mar Unread post by OneStrangeGuy » 25 Mar Unread post by Davina47 » 25 Mar Unread post by mikcjk1 » 26 Mar Unread post by StephanieLocke » 29 Mar Flat Style by Ian Bradley. The Bound Forum Your friendly kink community! Several Enforced Chastity Stories What do you mean it has 'only' been a month?!?

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Post Reply. If you visit the sneak for my Members Only Section of my website, you'll see some pretty hot chastity teases.

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Photos of me as a key holder, my slave in a tollyboy and more. IF enforced chastity and a true keyholder turn you on It is my hope that as you stare at my photos, you will find yourself unable to "grow" because you're already locked into someone's chastity. If not, perhaps it's time we met,gromet How about a massive discount for BF members as an inducement to ?

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DavinaDavina There can't be a "massive discount" as the site is very inexpensive now. I am at the top of every major list: plaster mummification, straitjacket bondage, sens dep hoods, etc.

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I am now seeking to add a few to my private site as that keeps Mistress in fresh straitjackets and sleepsacks However you did say you were trying to tempt people to. As I posted in another thread your website is extremely good and I know that it costs quite a lot of time to maintain such a site so thank you for taking the time to clear up my misunderstanding. Now I know I'll be glad to do the posting for you next time and I hope there is a next time So good luck with the new site Davina.

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Davina, apology accepted and a private will be winging your way when next I have the time to sit down and write. When it comes to keys, if the subbie is in front of me I tend to keep it right against my breast so I always know where it is.

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