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Ed Westwick Sex Scene

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Fans seem to ignore that he faced allegations of rape and sexual assault. Entertainment Reporter.

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When their Uber driver dropped them off, they drank and hung out at the house for hours. Eventually, they each went to a spare bedroom to sleep. Then, the women both alleged in separate interviews with The Times, the British actor forced himself on them.

The women said the incidents happened months apart, three years ago.

The deleted scene that was too racy for gossip girl

At the time, the women were each dating someone, friends of Westwick. A third woman, who asked that her name not be published, told The Times that Westwick grabbed and slapped her backside at FYF Fest near downtown Los Angeles that same year.

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A publicist for Westwick did not respond to the allegations after multiple s and phone calls from a reporter. But in two Twitter posts, Westwick adamantly denied the allegations.

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I certainly have never committed rape. In interviews with The Times, both Cohen and Aurelie Cao, who goes by the stage name Aurelie Wynn, offered detailed s of encounters with Westwick in She said she went to a house party with Kaine Harling, an Australian producer she was dating, and her best friend, Blaise Godbe Lipman. She and Harling left the party and went back to her place, where they stayed up through the night talking. Early that morning, Westwick called Harling and invited the producer over to his house, which Cohen said was somewhere in the Hollywood Hills off Mulholland Drive. At some point, possibly in the afternoon, the energy in the bedroom changed, she said.

Westwick suggested they have a threesome. Cohen said she told Harling she felt weird and wanted to leave.

Ed westwick

Cohen said she was tired and Westwick suggested she sleep in his guest room. Then, she recalled him telling her, they could leave. When she woke up, she said, the sheets were thrown off her and Westwick was sticking his fingers inside of her. She said she tried to fight him off and told him to stop. She said he grabbed her head and told her he wanted to have sex with her, and asked if she wanted to have sex with him.

Eventually, she said, Harling came to the room and asked her if she wanted to leave. She remembers feeling paralyzed and terrified. Harling could not be reached for comment.

Ed westwick will not face charges over rape and sexual assault allegations

In a strange twist, Buzzfeed News reported, Harling is also the ex-boyfriend who called Eck, the woman who said in an interview with the news site that Westwick groped her, to the Sunset Marquis hotel in March After Harling left, Cohen said that in a daze, she had dinner with Westwick. She said he served dry steak and soggy onion rings. She ended up spending the night.

When she woke up in the morning, Cohen asked Westwick to call her an Uber and he did. Godbe Lipman, 28, said in an interview that Cohen told him the same story that February morning in Reflecting on it now, Godbe Lipman thinks the whole situation was a setup.

A friend invited her to a Glendower Avenue mansion she said Westwick was renting in August By the time she got there, she said, the party was over. She was invited again the next night, when she said Westwick sent an Uber to her Santa Monica home to pick her up.

Four women accused ‘gossip girl’ star ed westwick of sexual assault. now he’s going viral on tiktok.

He agreed last month to plead guilty to possessing child porn. Cao said she and her friend spent the night drinking and talking with Westwick and his roommate on the patio until the sun started to come up. She said he then pushed her facedown onto the bed, snapped off her one-piece bathing suit and penetrated her from behind as she told him to stop.

Westwick fell asleep, Cao said, and she tried to snap a photo of him to prove she was there, but the room was too dark. She did film two videos — which she provided to The Times — as she tried to find her way out of the home that morning.

Women who accused ‘gossip girl’ star ed westwick of sexual assault speak out; actor denies allegations

Cao first described her in a Facebook post. Her friend, Eleni Feleke, confirmed to The Times that Cao told her about the incident ina week or so after it allegedly happened. Cao said she considered going to the police at the time, but friends discouraged her, telling her that the experience was common in Hollywood and that people would criticize her and say she was out for fame.

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The alleged incident, she said, deterred her from pursuing an acting career. Cohen said she showed up to provide moral support. I did my part.

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Cohen handed her a fuzzy red blanket she had brought to keep Cao warm for when she spoke to an officer. Twitter: AleneTchek. Plaschke: Giants and their fans win Game 1 of grudge match.

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Damage to oil pipeline may have occurred up to a year before the spill, investigators say. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing.

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Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Two women have accused actor Ed Westwick of sexual assault. By Alene Tchekmedyian Staff Writer.

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For both women, the encounter began the same. Alene Tchekmedyian. Follow Us twitter instagram facebook. Subscribers Are Reading. Dodgers Plaschke: Giants and their fans win Game 1 of grudge match. California Damage to oil pipeline may have occurred up to a year before the spill, investigators say.