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Dramatical murder clear route, Dramatical murder clear route woman seek men to naughties

Noiz has multiple endings, each one is listed separately.

Dramatical Murder Clear Route

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First of all, how does the game calculate which route you are given? Well, the routes work on a kind of point system. The game starts on the common route, during which you are given thirteen different choices.

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I couldnt find in the common route or the re connect of clears route where clear takes off his mask?

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Am I missing something? Clear taking off his mask isnt the only thing. Parts of the story in reconnect im confused about like im missing something. I did the common route then reconnect?

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Is there something in between? Im soo confused.


Clear ran away from Aoba for a moment thinking that he's really strong and not human at all. The continuation of Good ending and bad ending of the first game. I know the reconnect is the sequel to it. But Dramatical murder first one just ended with Aoba and Koujaku together after his hair was cut.

Dramatical murder/walkthrough

There were no routes or anything but only in reconnect. And I did clears route good and bad and that never happened.

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Can you tell me which one you used that you downloaded? Koujaku's good ending the one where he cuts of Aoba's hair is one. Then there is Noiz's route and Clear's routes too. It depends on the choices you make and who you choose to reply on. You can change your choices and go down a different route from the Quick Save menu.

Dramatical murder/clear

Clear takes of his mask near a fountain when you go to platinum town with him and then later at Glitter. It won't let me not choose anything at the main choice and I can't get the good ending! Are you already inside Clear's mind? If you are, you'll see two glass spheres.

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It might take a while depending on what you're using laptop, or PC, windows model, etc. The first time I played it, it took me like minutes, because my laptop was pretty loaded at that time, but when I played it again, it took me 3 minutes before the spheres broke. Aoba sent the wrong message to Clear. Clear then lost to the fight.

Dramatical murder english patch: clear route walkthrough

Toue still fixed Clear but ended up formatting him thus Clear was reprogram into somehow greater than Alpha and Alpha2. Aoba was kept by Clear but still under Toue's experiments.

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Clear had Aoba's lower limbs removed; both of his legs. Aoba was chained up on a cell like room where Clear visits him everytime.

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Clear made Aoba into something he's not. Clear's mind was totally twisted and thought that he isn't human and so, Aoba can't be human too.

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He wanted Aoba to become a doll, and dolls don't need limbs. Aoba can't feel anything now.

Dramatical murder english patch: clear route walkthrough

But I think his mind had gone twisted, he's happy as long as Clear is happy. At the end of it, Clear also wanted to remove Aoba's arms and he bites it until it bleeds. Both of the message in front of him are wrong. Aoba didn't choose anything and let it breaks. When he got back, Clear sang the Jellyfish Song perfectly and managed to defeat the two.

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When the Opal Tower breaks, Aoba and Clear went to the Hotel, Aoba really wanted to fix Clear badly but they seem to be running out of supply. Until Clear touched Aoba.

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It seems like it was his wish, to be one with him. Okay so yeah, after the happy moment, Clear shut down.

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When Aoba managed to get out of Platinum Jail, he did his best to look for the best mechanic to fix Clear, but seems like there was none. Almost a year has passed and Tae-san was actually meeting up with someone to fix Clear.

Just played clear’s route

Aoba just went back to work until he heard a beautiful calm song coming from the roof. When he got up, he was greeted by a smile from a man with white hair, and the man finally said his name. Unknown February 8, at PM. Unknown February 9, at PM. Unknown February 16, at PM. Unknown May 16, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.