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Does nami like luffy, Swede lady hunt for guy especially for Does nami like luffy

So I went on a One Piece movie binge spree the other night, pretty much watched all the most popular ones.

Does Nami Like Luffy

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LuNa is the het ship between Monkey D.

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Every king needs a queen 👑

One Piece is the Shonen Jump juggernaut known for stellar sales, great world building, and talking skeletons with afros that can make you cry. However, if there has ever been a neglected element of the series, at least, compared to other animes, it is the lack of direct shipping within the series. Shipping being the romantic speculation that a series can either hint at or, in most cases, is hypothesized by a variety of lonely otakus. As fanciful as it is, romance by its coupling definition is severely lacking in the series, with much of that by creator Eiichiro Oda's de.

Nami/personality and relationships

Such neglect, however, only leaves the heart wanting more, which is why the One Piece community itself has filled in that gap with a variety of fanart, fan fiction, and pointless arguments circling internet. One of the biggest ones in particular being the shipping of Nami with either long time friend and captain, Monkey D. Luffy, or the suave, gentleman cook, Sanji, and its easy to see why. In honor of those lovelorn contributions by the community, this list will be running down its own major reasons who the main guy should be for the series' main girl.

One of the biggest factors going in for Luffy is that he has known Nami the longest. He's arguably known her longer than he's known Zoro, considering that they crossed paths during the beginning of his journey. Leaning towards the anime trope of being the childhood friend, all that history could mean greater familiarity and emotions brewing between the two, with that initial meeting almost saying that the two's stories are tied together by fate.

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History, at least, has allowed the two to occupy more screen time, allowing the idea of them together to become much more comfortable and familiar to the audience. While lacking in that similar history, Sanji more than makes up for it with dedication. As much of a trope being the swooning, ladies man is in anime looking at you Brockit at least highlights interest from the character, and Sanji has expressed quite a bit of interest for Nami.

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Almost acting as the exclusive aide to the Straw Hats' women, Sanji's main priority even when thinking of the All Blue is servicing the women, with Nami being a near constant. Going back to history, one chapter in the two's ongoing history that is always worth going back to is their time on Arlong Park. Nami's backstory revealed that the tyrannical, Fishman, Arlong, has long conquered her homeland and has been using her to steal treasure and draw maps for his crew, contorting the dream that she has long held dear. If Nami were ever to associate any one person in particular for freeing her from that situation, simultaneously becoming the symbol of her new life, it would Luffy.

While Luffy does have that major moment above, he hasn't exactly been Nami's knight in shining armor all that consistently.

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That's where Sanji comes in. Being as dedicated as he is, Sanji's more than willing to risk his life to help Nami. Whenever she's in danger, he is the first responder on the scene, possibly delivering her a nice smoothie while he kicks away the bad guys. The two even had a nice shift of this dynamic during Enies Lobby, where Nami would protect Sanji when he found himself incapable of fighting Kalifa. Nice guys don't always finish last. Sometimes, it goes miles for a relationship just to do the cooking or even open the door for one's ificant other.

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Luffy, in particular, has provided his potential bae with a chance to live out her dream, exploring and drawing a map of the world. This adventure being central to Nami's character, Luffy gets to act the part as one of the most important and influential people in her life. One would think that Nami would be fond of that.


As big of a favor as the above us, there is an argument to be made about frequency and consistency. In a similar stance as the "defending" arguments above, Sanji plays a consistent role in Nami's life that not only allows the two to spend a lot of time together but also als Sanji as an ideal man. It's not necessarily enough just to be the macho type or the breadwinner in the relationship as if Nami would need itbut Sanji shows extreme potential for domesticity, showing that he would be a helpful person around the home.

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The stomach is, in fact, the gateway to the heart. On the topic of consistency, while Oda doesn't necessarily make any direct assertions, he have Luffy and Nami pairing up a disproportionate amount of times whenever the crew goes on their adventures. Nami followed him during the last fight of Skypeia. She raced to look for him during Water Seven.

They were technically together body switching aside during Punk Hazard, and she was once again teamed up with him during Whole Cake Island. The main idea here being: Luffy's not exactly partnering with Chopper or Brook a lot.

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Choices are being made. If there was ever something going against the pairing of Nami with Luffy, it is the pure fact that Luffy near perfectly plays the innocent, disinterested, possibly asexual character. Almost to a frustrating degreeLuffy has never shown any clear, romantic interested to any character, let alone those in the crew. Sanji, on the other hand, might, just might, be interested in Nami. Going through all the heart eyes and "Nami-schwans," it may be evident that Sanji has a little crush on her.

However, an aspect that is possibly more obvious, given the cynicism of whichever anime fan you're asking, Nami x Luffy has been predestined since day, episode, chapter one. In any anime, especially Shonen series, the main protagonist typically falls for the female lead.

While this hasn't necessarily been translated all that well to a series' conclusion, those intentions have typically been made clear, to the degree that tropes dictate the female protagonist will always be in love with the male lead. In this case, Luffy has the advantage over Sanji in terms of narrative pecking order.

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If there was anything to incite clear interest between two characters, it would be tension. Sanji, at this point, had betrayed and left the crew, beating down Luffy as icing on the cake. And while this may come across as a shock to Luffy, Brook, or Chopper, it was Nami who seemed the most hurt of all.

Her expressions of betrayal after Sanji beats up Luffy and vindictive reluctance after they finally save Sanji are so strong and particular of reactions, that they're enough to make one think, "Why does Nami care so much?

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Why does she feel particularly betrayed? As a writer, auteur, and innovator, I seek to expand human potential through the creative medium, intellectually and emotionally challenging the mass audience. I seek to work in visual and written media, whether it be in film, video games, or publishing, using a variety of mediums to express the full spectrum of art.

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