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Do the booty dance, Do the booty dance baby seeking men for sex

You know it.

Do The Booty Dance

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Years old: I am 26
What is my ethnicity: Kazakh
Sexual identity: Guy
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My sex: Fem
What is the color of my hair: Long bushy gray hair
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What is my favourite drink: White wine
Smoker: No

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passion wife Aileen

Does anybody out there besides me get pissed when somebody does the butt dance celebration? I hate that shit so fucking much. I actually want to try this, but too lazy to google.

cute single Wren

I'll pay in upvotes. I make sure to run up to their goalie who is on his knees or on the ground and put my booty to his face. I normally just slide in to the goal, or go up to their 'keeper who's on his knees and punch him in the face a few times. My trademark celebration is sprinting to the sideline and deadfishing into the line judge.

The "booty bee" music video is awesomely bad

If I trip after I score I deadfish imediatly after getting back on my feet. If I get a 4 goal lead I will try to walk the ball in and stop on the line and wait for the keeper to tackle the ball into his own net.

lonely woman Halo

I'm particularly fond of the "Robot" and "Dead Fish". Generally I just try not to get mad when people celebrate, although the booty dance is extra annoying.

house cunt Kassidy

My advice, let them celebrate. Then come back, put the ball in the net and when you think you've got the winning goal then YOU do the booty dance. Best revenge ever.

cutie prostitute Elliott

It's easily the funnest to do after scoring a penalty with your own goalkeeper. You got hated on for that, but I always take penalties with Neuer. Found the internet!

cute gal Alaia

Booty dance celebration. Posted by 9 years ago.

Booty dance celebration

Sort by: best. Please don't try this at home.

sexy girl Emani

Continue this thread. Rikishi's stinkface!

Little women: la star twerks and does the booty dance in her debut music video

Deadfish is mine too. Or a robot for my man Peter Crouch haha.

passionate singles Freyja

How do you do the booty shake? L2 and x twice. On a controller.

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horney miss Marina

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