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Devi skin overwatch, I liked Devi skin overwatch woman who wants footjob

Saumya Soman 19th Jul Apparently it is offensive and belittles the Hindu deity Kali. This isn't the first time a video game has allegedly upset religious sentiments.

Devi Skin Overwatch

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Blizzard is in hot water again, following what some believe to be a trivializing depiction of Hindu goddess Kali. Rajan Zed, a representative of Hindus, has urged the company to remove the Symmetra Devi Goddess Skin from the popular first person shooter Overwatch. Skins are aesthetical features that modify how the characters look like in the game, and the skin in question transforms an Indian-origin character named Symmetra into Maa Kali's avatar.

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This representation is very disrespectful if not outright sacrilegious to Hindus.

talent woman Vanessa

Now before the haters start to hate, and I know some of you have already started, there is a very good reason why this particular skin is blatantly offensive. A core tenant of Hinduism is that representations of deities are considered a direct link to the Gods themselves.

house ladies Shay

In fact, much care and preparation goes into crafting idols and statues for worship in temples. Dressing up as the Gods is an elaborate, ritualistic affair and only done in the context of a greater religious ceremony. Dressing up Symmetra as an Indian goddess outside of the context of a religious ceremony is by definition cultural appropriation.

Symmetra’s devi skin from overwatch stirs controversy |

Simply put, plopping a religious icon to create a "cool" and "exotic" skin is disrespectful to an entire faith. Think about it.

sweet moms Addilyn

To literally millions of people across the globe that imagery means something. Masses of people devote their lives to the worship of that imagery. They fast for days, travel miles, and donate fortunes in service of that Goddess. Entire families cry, pray, seek guidance, and rejoice in happiness to that imagery.

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Imagery that they view as a direct link to their Goddess. Putting an image like that as a backdrop in a game flies in the face of all these people. I'm all for adding culture to a game but that skin takes it too far. As a gaming community we need to understand that these games have a huge cultural impact.

Thus, as a community, we cannot support imagery that offends an entire religion. There is nothing wrong with trying to add culture to a game but we need to be mindful to depictions that offend certain groups. As a player community we need to hold our developers able to missteps such as these. I implore you all to spread awareness of this misstep and contact Blizzard to get this skin removed.

single girl Livia

I thank anyone who has made it to the end of this post and I hope this is something that gets fixed soon. I'm a Hindu and have traveled to the Vaishno Devi temple in India, which is dedicated to her. I think this skin is fucking awesome. Same, my father and step mom who don't even play video games thought it was cool both of which are Hindu.

I'm pretty sure she's supposed to be Kali but what is it disrespectful about including a god cosmetic?

single bitch Felicity

Games like smite have nothing but gods. I'm pretty sure that the Devi skin actually depicts Symmetra as Kali, not Durga. As a Hindu, I find it confusing you claim this is offensive to me. If anything, you are the one who is being offensive assuming that all Hindu are so thin skinned and regressive.

Those are, in reality, the only people that fight SJW for the religious and cultural identity of others all while disregarding their own.

Hindu ‘leader’ in us wants overwatch to remove devi skin from game

My friend is a devout hindu and plays overwatch, he doesn't play Symmetra but he said that's his favorite skin. My father and step-mom thought it was cool when I showed them, both being Hindu.

fit woman Layla

I guess you can't cater to every single person, some people think It's awesome, some people don't. I agree. To those that do not care, it is because you are not of such faith. This bothers me. Found the internet! Symmetra Devi Skin Too Far. Posted by. Sort by: best. Kid is looking for attention.

Rajan zed said that the player controlling the movements of devi with a joystick is denigrating

Its a game get over it. You're In The Danger Zone.

white teen Stephanie

Pixel Symmetra. Continue this thread.

Hindu leader demands blizzard to take down devi skin from overwatch

Pixel Zenyatta. No one cares. I have not the years required, nor the desire to indulge you.

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Pixel D. I will bet all my skins OP is a young white person. As I would say with any religious protest. Piss off. So a god of thunder would be ok, but a god you worship is not? More posts from the Overwatch community.

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