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Deja vu vip room, I'm look up girl that Deja vu vip room striping

Their team of charming, sexy and always topless dancers are ethnically diverse and ready to make your celebration memorable for years to come. For a more intimate and sultry experience, book a private bed dancer for more personalized and exclusive adult entertainment. These ladies have somehow harnessed the desert heat and are ready and waiting to send it your way.

Deja Vu Vip Room

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This review is from a little while back. I was in town and decided to hit up some clubs after playing poker at the casino. First club I went to was Gold Club. Started drinking there and saw some some nice ladies but wasn't getting too much attention.

What is my age: 51
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First visit here on Friday night in over about a year or so. I guess I'm finally over it now. The only time worth visiting this club in my opinion is at nights on the weekends. They usually have a good selection of hot young dancers. The major down side is the lack of privacy and strict no touching rules.

The rules seem a little more relaxed from what I remember but you still got eyes constantly on you. Ended up getting pretty decent dances from "Violet" and "Vixen".

passionate females Nathalie

Both were spinners with good grinding and limited touching. As a guy, I'm always on the look out for any s of possible extras either otc or in.

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One of the girls stickshifted me when she offered me the champagne room. I declined but take that as you will. Its completely possible that I'm looking too deep into this though. I guess there was some special feature guest that night, some porn star I've never heard of. I don't have much interest in that shit. I left before her performance, so I can't comment on it. Overall, not a bad visit. Despite all my gripes, they have hot young naked girls there.

Deja Vu has a great atmosphere and is set up really nice. What struck me as really cool is that girls can slide down the main stage pole from the second floor! Seemingly out of nowhere. I was cleaning the house beforehand and was sweating so I showered and put on slacks and a dress shirt. The place was almost empty, 5 patrons and 5 girls.

I was there almost 40 min before I could get a gal to come up and talk to me!

Déjà vu showgirls

Most of the girls acted like they didn't want to be there. The hot girl only gave a hover dance and when she took me back the 2 for 20 deal mysteriously stopped. The DJ kept talking to the girl giving me a dance over the loudspeaker and kept playing children's songs at the end of the night. This is the only time I've been to the vu. Next door is little darlings. Lots of girls, all hot and friendly. You can roll the dice if you like, but if it's mid day I would go to angels. They always have at least 4 or 5 girls working, haven't seen a bad looking one yet!

Deja vu showgirls of tampa

I stopped by this club on a recent weeknight around 10PM. Four dancers were on shift and only two customers were in the audience. All of the dancers were decent looking. I invited one cute, young dancer for a lap dance.

Vip passes deja vu’s showgirls gentleman’s club – not offered

She started off by asking for money up, a strategy that probably discourages a customer from getting multiple lap dances. She said that management required her to get paid first. She also provided a very limited contact lap dance, requiring me to refrain from touching anything but her legs and arms.

Not surprising, I told her to stop after one dance. I didn't ask her but I suspect that management has instructed all of the dancers to limit contact with the customers during lap dances. I say this because on visits, I experienced similar air dances and low contact dances with DJV dancers, two of whom were also working during this most recent visit. Of course, I declined dances from these two because of a prior experience with boring, low contact lap dances.

This has been a pretty consistent pattern over the past six months at the Kzoo Deja Vu empty parking lot, few customers, low contact lap Deja vu vip room. As a result, I've directed most of my strip club business to Angels on the other side of Kzoo where the lap dances are pretty high contact compared to the Kzoo Deja Vu or to clubs outside of Kalamazoo including the Battle Creek clubs and even the Lansing Deja Vu, where the lap dances feature reasonable contact cer I was in town for a few days and decided to hit this club based on it being a full nude club.

Overall the club is nice inside with a main stage and two smaller stages in the middle.

Deja vu las vegas

Some of the girls would take off their bottoms during the second song but not as many as I had hoped. I did come here because it was full nude. I sat at the main stage and found that not many people do unless it's a particular girl that they like. It was amateur night and there was 1 girl that would come up to the stage and the dancers really liked playing with her.

tight lady Yaretzi

Her tits were pulled out by more than 1 girl for some girl on girl action. There were several really attractive dancers to choose from but 1 dancer stood out to me with her whole look. She had dark hair, wore the sexiest glasses and had on the cutest outfit that I couldn't wait to see come off. When it was her time to go on stage she had my full attention.

When she shoved her full natural tits in my face I knew I was taking her back for a dance. The lap dance area is a Deja vu vip room dark but the cubbies are very private and make it good for nice close action but not as much as I wanted.

So I took her back for a 15 min VIP. These rooms are nice sized and have a nice love seat in them. There is a camera above the door but I don't think it's positioned in a way to see much. Man this dancer was hotttt. I loved p Dropped by on a Monday night. Pretty dead. I'm usually a weekend guy, but since it was a holiday vacation week for me, I had time to make a short visit. I don't know why I even bothered.

One of may favorites wasn't there. The club already was suffering. Kalamazoo is too close to Detroit so much of of the core money-spendnig base had already left for better clubs.

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As told to me, until further notice, if the dancers are nude, there can be no contact. And touching is no longer tolerated in the VIP rooms. It's too bad. Physically, the club is nice. New building in a relatively safe area. Well-lit parking lot with uniformed security. Crowd typically is not thuggish. Only complaint is the music is often played at a very high decibel level.

Talent varies, but usually there are a few very attractive dancers. And some are happy to bend the rules just a little. But the "new" rules have the girls a little skittish. Hoping things turn for the better.

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Real soon. I won't be going back anytime in the future. Will make the extra drive east. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Club type: Topless Dancers.