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Welcome to our home.

Dayton Ohio Swingers Club

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Hours : Avondale Dr, Dayton Menu. Please contact the business directly to verify hours and availability.

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These rules are established for the comfort and enjoyment of all our members and are not to be broken.

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We ask that if you know of someone breaking any of them, please let them know in a gentle but firm manner. They may not be aware of the rule, and a little courtesy goes a long way. If they become rude or otherwise indicate that they cannot or will not comply, please inform your Host or Hostess for their assistance.

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The situation must be resolved as we are all here to have a good time and enjoy ourselves and others, something we cannot do without some common ground. The first four rules are common to the lifestyle, and are included here, because they are so important: "NO" means "NO.

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Very basically, the right to say "yes" is accompanied by the right to say "no. Don't be afraid to be firm.

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Be polite, but be firm. Unfortunately, if you are not clear in your statement, you may be giving another person or couple the wrong impression.

If you hem-haw around and really don't say "NO," but you imply it, well there are a few guys that don't understand or take "hints" to well. Say it, say "NO. We will not debate this issue at all. What you do on your property is your business, don't do it here! Likewise, if you are stoned, ripped, or high; please don't come by.

Additionally, although we allow members to bring their own beverages, we do not want or need anyone using alcohol to excess.

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If you need to alter your mind in order to party then you are in the wrong lifestyle. You're not a swinger. It has even been said that non-smokers enjoy the atmosphere. We really don't need spilled drinks or broken glass in the rooms, or the hot tub.

Dayton ohio swingers

If it's too hot or too cool, inform the Host or Hostess. It's too easy to screw things up and then no one can enjoy it. And again, please no drinks or food in the hot tub.

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The last thing we need is somebody's beer, soda or taco chips and salsa ruining the chemical balance of the hot tub or someone sitting on broken glass! If you are using them to socialize, cuddle or sleep, then you are denying their use by other members.

The facilities are here for everyone's use, but they are not unlimited. Let's be polite. Once you are done partying, do the afterglow cuddle and chit-chat back out on the couch. If you need to get some sleep, we have couches, blankets and pillows available.

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Party rooms are "private" when doors are closed. If the door to a party room is open, then an invitation has been extended for you to come in and watch.

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If you want to play, ask permission. And since they did let you come in to watch, return the courtesy and please be quiet. No one wants to sit on the wet spot!

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Additionally, we need to ask that if you are not dressed, please place a towel between your tush and our cushion. We can't be good hosts if you don't help.

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Please remember that if you choose to stay over you are expected to leave by a. We may be in the country but voices carry far.

Dayton oh swingers

Exceptions have been made when cleared through the Host or Hostess and closely monitored as to what is being recorded. Thanks, Bob and Mora. Accordingly, neither this site nor the contents contained herein are covered by the record-keeping provisions of 18 USC a - c. Disclaimer: This website contains adult material. You must be over 18 to enter or 21 where applicable by law.

All Members are over 18 years of age.