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This is great — it leaves players with more upgrade materials for their weapons, and makes armor into more of a cosmetic choice.

Dark Souls 3 Dancer Set

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She's both elegant and violent— one split-second mistake can even cost the players dearly, especially those who have no patience. Unlike most bosses, the Dancer of the Boreal Valley has certain attack delays and feigns that resemble, well, dance moves— which is the primary reason why she's such a tough boss. Hence, there's no shame in seeking help in fighting her; if players are too prideful to go multiplayer and want to defeat her solo, then these 10 pro tips ought to make the deadly dance with the Dancer less humiliating. Updated January 20th, by Gene Cole: As many experienced players know, killing the NPC who gives you the Lothric Banner will trigger this battle early, and those revisiting the game might want to try more of a challenge. There are several other strategies to beat it at any time, but there are some especially important tricks for those wanting to add a little challenge to their journey through Lothric. Just outside of Firelink Shrine, players may encounter a skinny old man wielding a massive samurai sword.

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4. leonhard’s set

One of the most important things in a video game about fighting powerful threats with melee weapons is to have armor that can protect you from dying when you make mistakes and get hurt — and Dark Souls 3 makes it slightly easier to pick your options by offering you Armor Sets to unlock and purchase.

Since the game has a long list of armor sets, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best ones that you can get your hands on and use for your playthrough of the game. You can buy it at the Untended Graves for 46, souls — which makes it one of the most expensive items in the game. It has the highest defense and is the heaviest to wear. One of the best things that the Ringed City DLC has to offer, the Iron Dragonslayer set is one of the best armor sets in the game which happens to look very cool too.

Dark souls 3 armor sets tier list

It offers a pretty decent amount of defense and its resistance to elemental damages is nothing special, but if you combine defensive gameplay with the right amount of strength — this armor will be very effective for all kinds of situations. It drops from the Dragonslayer Armor, which can be found in the swamp outside of the Ringed City Streets bonfire.

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It looks great and works pretty well with both offensive and magic-based statistics, which is further complemented by the fact that it has a pretty good weight level despite its usefulness. The Exile set has quite a unique appearance, the kind that usually a mother could love.

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However, that is easily compensated for by how useful this armor set is. You can get this armor set very early on by killing Champion Gundyr — and then it can be purchased at the Firelink Shrine. Despite being an early item in the game, it has great defense and poise statistics which are effective even later on in the game. It has a majestic knight-like appearance and offers a decent amount of resistance.

You can obtain this armor once you defeat the Dark Spirit Alva, which is a part of the invasion that you face.

5. undead legion set

This set is mainly recommended for those who have mage builds in Dark Souls 3, as it offers a good balance of defense and resistance to elemental attacks from enemies that rely on magic. It has good resistance to most things and you can keep yourself safe with the right spells combined. The Catarina set is always an interesting choice because although it appears in every game and is effective to use, players tend to ignore it because of the fact that it looks like an onion with lots of body fat.

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You can purchase it from the Patches in Cathedral of the Deep. But if you want to be on a budget, it can be found in the boss arena of Yohrm too, once you finish the side quests given to you by Siegward of Catarina. Wolf Knight Set 2.

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Iron Dragonslayer Set 4. Exile Set 6.

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Dragonscale Set 7. Xanthous Set Catarina Set. Share 0. Tweet 0.

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Pin it 0. Author Jon Wayne.

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