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Craigslist gay stories, Swiss lady Craigslist gay stories up boy especially for sex

California cops recently snagged Angel Pena Ayala, a year-old felon who used Craigslist to rob gay victims at gunpoint.

Craigslist Gay Stories

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Years: 33
Ethnicity: I'm thai
My orientation: Man
Gender: Lady
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Capricorn
My figure type: My figure features is quite athletic

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I'd mentioned this before in other postings and someone suggested I do an AMA. I originally decided against it but it's Sunday and I've got nothing better to do. I say "probably over 1," because it's not like I was keeping count, though at this point it might have been fun to have kept a journal or log about it. Definitely several hundred and most probably in the 1, range.

house bitch Ximena

My last hookup on craigslist was about 14 hours ago. EDIT: Stepping out for a bit, have to Actually this is a really good question, you should be getting upvoted more. I think I'm a 6. I'm very sociable and normal acting though, and when I write e-mails I Craigslist gay stories complete sentences, punctuation, and know the difference between "their", "they're" and "there".

It really helps when you're presenting yourself via e-mail that you sound normal, intelligent, and friendly. I also tend to prefer men older than myself so my age works to my advantage that way. Can you tell us all a little about the roll of the "power bottom"? I've heard some claim that the power bottom is capable of receiving a tremendous amount of power. It was my understanding that in the power bottom dynamic, the bottom is the one generating most of the power.

But I think it's also important to remember that you have to generate power to accept it. I've also heard that more often than not, bears are tops. Unless they happen to be power bottoms.

house babes Jaylah

A couple years later a guy with 3 balls bastard, brought my average back to 2 -- sex was good though. A guy on the "down low" had his brother come home while we were messing around. I literally left out his bedroom window and ran for my car while he distracted his brother. Was messing around with a guy and had to go pee. His roommate just looked up from his book and flatly said "wrong room" and d reading.

fit wife Beatrice

Guy I'd hooked up with a few times out of the blue asked me to film him and call him a "naughty boy" and a "dirty little boy" while he was going down on me. I did. One guy wanted his girlfriend to watch while we messed around. I didn't.

A journalist infiltrated a doomsday cult. what he found could foretell the future.

Guy went to my across-the-street neighbors house instead of mine. I swear he was talking with them in their doorway for 10 minutes while I dialed his cell phone but in actuality it was probably closer to 10 seconds. Worst experience: connected with a guy who wanted to give me a body rub and a blowjob.

The lotion he used felt He said he had a massage tool heh and when he started rubbing me with it I was like "wait. A paint roller?!?

single whore Irene

I made my excuses and left. And then later found out that the "wierd" lotion he used was actually liquid soap. I spent 20 minutes rinsing that crap off my body.

passion miss Mariana

Best experience: Quite a few good ones, but here's one that's worth noting. Hooked up with a guy that said he was an "addicted cocksucker". Went over to his place, he was friendly, personal.

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He went down on me and did the deed and then kept me in his mouth until I got hard again. We went late into the night so I would doze off while "recharging" and he would wake me up again sucking my dick. He got me off 6 times over the span of 8 hours, always using his mouth. No talking or anything, just him going at it.

passion cunt Chaya

Hooked up with a guy, he was going down on me and his dog kept sniffing at the bedroom door it was closed. A bit later the dog actually pushed the door open. So me naked on his bed, my dick in his mouth, and his boyfriend walks in.

A classic "oh shit" moment. Pitcher I can count on one hands the of times I played catcher and none of them recently. I expected more of reddit than to upvote a grammatically incorrect sentence. Were those grammer nazis be? Found the internet! I'm a gay man who's used Craigslist to have sex with probably over 1, men, AMA. Sort by: best. Are you attractive? Continue this thread. Speed is the name of the game, right buddy?


Here's some random glimpses: Hooked up with a guy with one ball awesome A couple years later a guy with 3 balls bastard, brought my average back to 2 -- sex was good though A guy on the "down low" had his brother come home while we were messing around. Worst experience? Funniest story? Wow, these are actually hard to answer. Thats really gay. Yes, and that's the point. Why don't you want a relationship with any of these people?

sweet mom Brynleigh

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