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Construction Fuck Ups

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Let's just go ahead and, um, knock down that wall so the driveway actually le to the garage. How much will that cost? When it comes to constructing buildings, it's usually best to leave it up to the professionals rather than doing it yourself. Not everyone is good at measuring, using power tools, and creating structurally-sound dwellings, after all. That being said, even the pros mess up royally sometimes!

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Terrible construction fails revealed in hilarious gallery including see-through toilet cubicles and stairs that go nowhere

From losing an NSA orbiter in space to forgetting a Starbucks cup in an episode of a ly well-acclaimed TV series, there are some mishaps that came with very hefty price tags. For those of you wondering what they are, here are the 15 most expensive mistakes ever made. Make sure you also check out these hilarious kid mistakes.

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When Warner Bros. He had to film the reshoots with a mustache and, according to LooperWarner Bros.

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They might not be as costly as this one, but these newspaper typos are certainly funny. Netflix has come a long way from its snail mail DVD rental subscription days, evolving into a powerhouse entertainment company. According to Inc. They might not be Blockbuster big, but we can help you stop making these 50 everyday mistakes. Most people lose their sunglasses or a set of keys, which is frustrating and, sure, can be costly.

The mistake occurred because Lockheed Martin engineers used English measurements inches, feet, etc. Unfortunately, it became known for something much different when its south-facing wall, which is covered in reflective glass, began redirecting sunrays in such a way that was actually melting yes, melting!

Check out these hilarious typos found in popular books.

These architecture fails definitely aren't up to code

But there was a third founder of the giant who at one time owned 10 percent of the company and his name is Ronald Wayne. Ancient artifacts are priceless and curators go to great lengths to keep these irreplaceable items in exceptional condition.

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In a funeral mask belonging to King Tutankhamen was damaged at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo after its beard started coming loose. It was shut down after only two days of use because the of pedestrians using it which, by the way, was its purpose caused the bridge to shake and sway.

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It took two years of modifications for it to stop swaying and for the Millennium Bridge to reopen. Two-thousand tickets sold before Alitalia could correct the price online.

15 most expensive mistakes ever made

When an oil rig operated by Texaco drilled too far into the ground in Louisiana, it resulted in the collapse of salt pillars holding up Lake Peigneur. A sinkhole formed and the lake went from just 6-feet deep to a monstrous feet.

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Check out the worst mistakes in sports history. Turns out they were too wide to fit into the majority of train stations for which they were intended to travel.

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While many of us are still trying to make he or tails of Bitcoin, investing in the digital currency during its humble beginnings would prove to be a big payoff now. Sadly for James Howells, an IT worker in Wales, he lost his stash of 7, bitcoins when he trashed his hard drive.

These are the grammar mistakes editors hate the most.

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Money can go a long way, especially when it comes to education. Department of Education so special.

Hilarious photos show slap-dash builders' mistakes

New Jersey was so close to getting that grant, until an application error led to them falling 3 points short of winning, according to NJ. Turns out when they were filling out the application, the administrators responsible used data from instead of as the application required. Despite their ambitious intentions, according to History.

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78 architects who had one job and still failed

Save on Pinterest. Tweet this. Search terms Search form submit button. Kelly Bryant Updated: Jul. Everybody makes mistakes, but some are more high stakes than others. The next time you goof up, remember it can always be worse, as evidenced by these extremely costly mishaps.

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