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Clash royale how to get princess, I'm Clash royale how to get princess for chica that wants tours

Currently Clash royale It is one of the most famous phone games that exist, in fact it brings features that have made more than one person hooked on it. The gameplay of Clash Royale is one of the most addictive, not to mention the good characters it includes to fight.

Clash Royale How To Get Princess

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This is my first strategy guide, so I would appreciate it very much if you could read it and tell me what I could improve upon :. I have incorporated the Princess into very many of my decks since I first got it around December. Now, onto the guide. What does the princess do, and understanding its role in decks 2. Decks 4. Where to place her 5.

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As is known by the millions of fans of Clash Royale Princess was the first legendary released by Supercell. Obtainable from Arena 7, or the Royal Arena, it is without a doubt one of the strongest troops in the game.

Don't underestimate this royale in the least, because its huge range mixed with high area damage, make sure that it fits perfectly both in defense and in attack.

Princess clash royale fan art

Although it is one of the first legendaries you will unlock, it can also be used to move up between leagues. La Princessas mentioned above, is the card with the longest range within Clash Royale. In fact, if deployed near the bridge, it will hit the tower without entering the latter's range of action. The modest cost of use, in fact we speak of 3 units of elixirallows it to be inserted safely into any deck, also for its function it can be both attack and defense, therefore it lends itself to any function both of attack and defense.

Its main flaw? Surely the small lifeget ready because cards like arrows, spirits of fire and log will take it out in one shot.

Card stats

However, this too could have its positive implications because, in case the opponent uses a spell to kill the princess, you could easily deploy cards such as the horde of skeletons or the goblin gang. The high damage allows him to take out all minions with ease like, in fact, the gang, the thugs and so on. In the attack phase we advise you to put it immediately in front of the bridge without going around it too much, so as to allow it to hook the tower and, if necessary, give one or two blows before being brutally taken out.

Many players throw it after attacking with cards such as tamer or giant, in short, tanks that aim directly at buildings, so that the Princess can offer cover for both air and ground troops.

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In the case of defense, however, the correct position may vary depending on the situation. In fact, taking advantage of its enormous range, you could easily position it on the opposite side of the attack, allowing it to hit the mass from a safe spot.

How to get the princess for free in clash royale very easy!

Alternatively, as in the most classic cases, you can put it behind the tower, although personally speaking I would advise you to take advantage of the opposite side. At an average cost of 3. This type of deck is called log bait, or real decks that with a low cost of elixir allow you to quickly cycle the cards doing small but constant damage to the opponent.

Games with these cards most of the time end 1 to 0, the use of the rocket is used to finish the tower in case you miss a little or you are already in extra time.

Clash royale princess ultimate guide

The Inferno Tower will guarantee you defense against cards like Golem or Pekka, otherwise you should all be well covered. The barrel tends to use it when your opponent has used Log or Arrows on the princess or the Gang, so you can play it safe when you throw it at the tower destination.

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Explaining this deck is purely superfluous, although its use will require some practice even if, even in this case, you will have an average cost of 3. The two Principles will guarantee you a real total coverage on a terrestrial level while the princess will only serve to protect them both or, if you wish, the only real tank in the deck, or the Giant.

Clash royale princess card guide: how to get princess in clash royale

As for the airspace instead you will be well covered thanks to the use of the Mega Minion and the Bats. The whole deck revolves around covering the Royal Giant and forcing the opponent to play his spells to unleash the Goblin Barrel's launch by breaking through enemy lines. The Furnace could serve you both as a support for the tank or, if you are attacked, to temporarily distract enemy troops from the tower.

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The Fireball will have the same principle as the Rocket, but the cost of 4 units of elixir will also allow you to use it without problems against some specific enemies. That was all there was to know about darling Princess. Keep in mind that each user's playing method is unique, so these decks will still need to be adapted to your card levels and needs.

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We hope we have been useful, keep following us so as not to miss other guides! Clash Royale: guide to the Princess, deck and tips on how to use it.


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Clash royale princess card guide: how to get princess in clash royale

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