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Charles trippy dad, Aesthetically woman searching Charles trippy dad to bites

Can you find my dad? Posted in Blogs. Take the F out of Fat, and take the F out of Way………………………….

Charles Trippy Dad

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Birthday: September 2 Age: 37 Years37 Year Old Males. Sun : Virgo. Height: 5'11" cm5'11" Males. State: Florida. The Famous People.

How old am I: I am 20
What is my nationaly: Swedish
Caters to: Guy
What I prefer to drink: Mulled wine
Favourite music: Country

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ebony bitch Armani

I created an album of screenshots. One included an address that I tried to blur out.

My dad in the 80's

There are other photos on there, but nothing directly indicating a relationship but these ones. I don't know what to think.

dirty ladies Millie

Charles just wrote her off as a regular troll. Its possible that she is a crazy person and really believes she's in a fake relationship with Chaz. I mean, he was in a famous band too. But there are just too many photo's to be a coincidence. I can't see her regular facebook, but there are also hundreds of photos, so this can't just be a fake. Friends are commenting on the pictures.

Charles trippy

Could this mean that the things she said on his facebook are true? Is there even more trippy family trouble? I don't even know, but I felt a duty to share it here. Please don't hate, I purely saw something interesting and decided to share what I found.

married asian Mila

Shits just been so weird for Charles since he announced the separation I'm not sure if you're attacking me for ing this, but I'm not trying to have this be a conspiracy, I really am not. I put up screenshots so that you don't have to just take my word for it. This doesn't even have anything to do with Alli leaving.

If I would have found this a year ago, I would have still posted it here. This is just so weird, I thought others would be interested Charles trippy dad it too. Personally, I believe its one big delusion that I found at an unfortunate time. My sister has always thought Charles' parents weren't together as Charles says "We're fixing my mums wifi" why would he say mums not parents? Also when Charles went to see Coby and Tyson his dad was never there. So maybe Charles parents aren't together but Charles and Mel never liked their d girlfriend.

house mom Juliana

I always kinda thought it was weird that they just didn't show them as much, but it makes sense because they just live father away, or maybe they just don't want to be on the vlogs as much. You can tell they are still pretty camera shy even after 5 years of this. Its possible.

Who is charles trippy?

Its just in that case, its weird that Charles wrote her off like he had no idea who she was, but he could have simply not remembered or wrote her off as a general troll and paid only minimal amount of attention to her. Wtf this is literally insane. I feel so bad for Charles. It looks like he's worked hard at keeping things a secret for a long time and the breakup us just making thing spill out.

pretty babes Alejandra

Its not like you can hide your shit from a grown man and woman and unfortunately for her that one man has a devoted fan base. It might be because I was put in a simillar situation a few months ago but this shit makes me furious.

lonely gal Jordyn

That's what I'm thinking too. Plus, what she was saying was just so mean, and simply not factual when it came to the cancer stuff. I have no idea what's up, but I'm gonna place my money on she's a moronic turtle. It's almost as if you can pick whatever name you want to use on Facebook, even if it belongs to someone else She's drunk as shit.

tight moms Marilyn

Though I would a imagine there is still some merit to what she is saying. Being drunk doesn't make you wrong, just takes off your filter. I guess my feeling is that his parents could very easily be separated in some way. I don't think that really bleeds into anything else though, except maybe to feel even more impressed by how well Charles does with so many things piled up around him.

I dunno, I think it would be just way too much of a coincidence. She does have older pictures of her on her facebook, Charles trippy dad that womon just looks like she has a little more weight on her than she does. However there was a photo of a bunch of people at dinner with her and Chaz that also a guy who looked a lot like Chaz's friend from todays vlog, but looking now, I can't seem to find the picture I was thinking of. Its semi-private, so I only get to see random stuff.

damsel woman Kaylie

Found the internet! Charles just had someone go off on him. With some digging its his fathers "Girlfriend"!!! Please help me figure out what I just uncovered! Posted by 8 years ago. Edited for clarification. Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

Gregg allman band

We've clearly stumbled across the darkest timeline I smell fucking crazy. Possibly a hacked .

house asian Winter

Separated but still friends, probably the most likely. I was thinking that also. Beat me to it, I think it's her.

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