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If you are a video game player, you might know that Camilla Luddington is famous for her portrayal of Lara Croft in the video game, Tomb Raider. Camilla is also not afraid to show her body when she appeared in the series, Californication, and revealed her boobs and ass. She and her family lived in Berkshire before they moved to Texas when Camilla was 14 years old.

Camilla Luddington Ass

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Photographs by Kaelan Barowsky. Featured 3. And the other three?

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Though the production may have been more focused on fashion than anything else, it did increase her visibility, helping her land subsequent parts — as a naughty nanny in Californication and a telepathic faerie in True Blood.

To play a Camilla luddington ass demanding role that could very well have kicked her ass, the actress had to kick her fitness game up a notch — or five. But being able to alternate between a perfect British accent for one production and an equally flawless American accent for another?

Born and raised near London, her family moved to Texas for a year when she was 14, a transition Luddington says was made easier thanks to what you might call The Spice Girls factor. The happy coincidence that the London girl group was popping on all cylinders during the exact time Luddington arrived at her new school in Austin with freshly dyed red hair instantly made any Brit cool by association.

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Far from living the Hollywood high life in those early years, Luddington certainly paid her dues. Wings served, pride swallowed. But do good things really do come to waitresses who wait and continue to audition like crazy?

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She got married twice: once on the show to fellow fictional doctor Alex Karev, and once in real life to true love and fellow actor Matthew Alan. But her newest and most cherished role is voicing all of the characters in the bedtime stories she invents each night for daughter Hayden, whom the couple welcomed in And in her spare time, Luddington lends her voice to the voiceless, supporting the Best Friends Animal Society in their work to rescue animals in need of loving homes.

Be kind to yourself! I have a few places in my home that I especially love. I relax almost every evening in the bathtub — I love our bathroom. I also have a little vanity area where I do my makeup.

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And the hot tub! My favorite way to memorize a script is by reading while I dip my feet in. In the summerI live in maxi dresses. I love the Tiare Hawaii dresses on Revolve. My other favorite place is home: London!

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We also have the best Natural History Museumin my opinion. They are so soft and comfortable, and I love their ballet-inspired look.

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The cut is similar to that of leggings with leg warmers over them, which I think is extra cute. This no-kill sanctuary not only rescues and shelters cats and dogs, but all kinds of animals — birds, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, and guinea pigs — in need of medical attention and loving homes. Jo Wilson displays plenty of both as she finds her way through complicated storylines of love — opposite the troublesome Dr. Alex Karev -- and career. Audiences relate, and love her. When the game was released incritics praised Luddington for giving the classic icon a much-needed reboot.

Gamers agreed, buying over a million copies in the first 48 hours of release. InCamilla reprised her role as Lara in the video game Rise of the Tomb Raider, and continued Camilla luddington ass work as this character in the anticipated video game Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which released on September 14th, In her first starring role in America, she brought to life the real English girl who was destined to become a queen, starring as Kate Middleton in the much-loved Lifetime movie William and Kate.

The project launched her career in this country, and was one of the two highest-rated programs ever aired on the network. From princess to au pair, Luddington has brought life to all kinds of appealing young women.

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In a major recurring role opposite David Duchovny and Evan Handler on the critically acclaimed Showtime series Californication, she portrayed Lizzie, the seemingly sweet English nanny who would do whatever it took to make it in L.

And somewhere between the princess and the nanny came Claudette the Fairy, her recurring role on the award-winning True Blood, where she again was the heroine, protecting series star Anna Paquin from all those True Blood villains. Luddington was born and raised near London in Berkshire, England.

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She started acting at age 5, entertaining the family and directing her little brother in their two-character performances. By the time she was 11, she had her first agent and was appearing in local theatre productions.

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