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Note: This story contains gratuitous amounts of ejaculate and forced sex. If that bothers you, please do not read further. Any similarities to other super-heroines are purely accidental, no foul harm was intended.

Bug Sex Stories

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Welcome to the realm of the Unseelie Court. Feel free to wander and browse, but know that the content you will find here is not for the faint of heart. The visions portrayed are often darkly erotic, even disturbing, and should be traversed only by those with the appropriate character and mental age. In her line of work that usually resulted in a sudden and painful death. But not this time, at least not yet.

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She thought to herself. Step one completed now she just has to figure out what she wants to do with these insects she acquired. When she got home she found a small short metal pipe with tapered edges perfect for slipping inside herself to hold herself open. She would eventually superglue a piece of old nylon to one end to keep the bugs in and situated it inside her.

She propped herself up against the wall, legs in the air then placed a funnel that had a lid in her gaped and glued pussy, then started pouring the woodlice in first. She quivered and whimpered in pleasure as the crawled around inside of her.

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She quickly capped the lid while preparing the cockroaches. She quickly dumped them as well.

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After a few seconds once she knew they were all out of the funnel she took it out, put enough apples and banana to last them the week and glued the nylon onto the tube. She laid there sprawled out of the floor for a few minutes enjoying the experience. Her clit was throbbing, so she started rubbing it moaning as her slit quivered from the feeling of hundreds of tiny legs running around her stuffed hole.

She orgasmed in seconds her hole spasming around the bugs causing them to run faster making her orgasm harder and longer. Eventually after 4 hours of masterbating she passed out. Her mum knocked on her door. It was 7 and she wanted the table set for dinner. Once she got downstairs her mother asked her why she was changing at 7.

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She explained that it was because she had a shower right after school and fell asleep without any clothes on. Her mother nodded and they proceeded to get ready for dinner. Clara was in a rush to finish dinner for she could do her homework and masterbate again. She tried to avoid questions her parents asked and said she had a test to study for after she finished and had to be excused.

Her mother nodded apprehensively and let her go, but wondered why her daughter was napping if she had a big test coming up. Clara ran upstairs and pulled out her homework but fell to her knees in pain by her desk. There was a sharp pain a lot like a period pain in her stomach.

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At first she thought that it was the bugs biting her but then realized what her teacher explained today. The bugs were looking for a good place to nest, her womb. She groaned and moved over to her bed, she took deep breaths to relax her cervix to make it hurt less. She rubbed her clit to make it easier on her. After about a half an hour she got used to having a full uterus and started her homework occasionally stopping to take a breath between what she called contractions.

She realized that she will soon be really infested millions of tiny bugs will be in her uterus eating her eggs and ruining her forever that made her orgasm. Luckily she was finished her homework because she just passed out.

The love bug – chapter 1

The next morning she woke up to the feeling of her uterus being stretched along with a cold feeling she jumped with joy, she was a mother! She quickly got dressed in the sluttiest dress she owned she was excited about the concept of boys looking up her skirt to see her gaped swollen red lips. By lunch time she started getting cramps again and knew her friend have done their job and were leaving. She was upset it happened so fast but knew she had to let them go.

She sat under a tree at lunch and spread her legs pulling down her undies and poked a hole in the nylon hoping someone would see her slutty now dirt covered runny pussy pushing out roaches and woodlice.

Chapter 1 – sucker bait

But unfortunately no one did, or so she thought. When she orgasmed he left but rubbed some mud into her hole first and whispered into her ear that he wanted use of her womb next. That made her nervous but excited, she always wanted to be used like that.

She got up and went to her next class feeling empty without the bugs but knowing millions more were on their way tonight. Between classes she went to take a look at her pussy in the change room mirror, and her pussy lips were bright red purple! She snuck up to the hair styling class and took nail polish remover. There was no one here so she dumped it on her pussy in the room.

‘insect’ stories

It burned but felt almost good especially since the tube came out. She was so horny when she was finished she wanted to do something bold again to get off. She decided to dribble so nail polish on her clit since she loved the burn of it. She was so close to cumming but not quite there.

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She realized her purple pussy lips needed a makeover and dyed them with some pink dye to give them some life by squirting the dye in her underwear and giving herself a wedgie. It burned too but made her cum.

Insect stories

Mission accomplished. She walked out of there with dye between her pussy lips and ass and nail polish dried on her clit.

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Before she went though she decided to glue her pussy shut with nail glue before the eggs hatched just in case. When she got home she had a shower for real to get rid of all the dye. She held back until she could get into birthing position no longer caring about the infestation since those were her babies.

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She could feel the them start to hatch and her pussy got wet. After and hour they showed no of stopping and her mother knocked asking her to set the table. She went down stairs her mother looked worried. She explained that she was really sick from something at school and she threw up and passed out.

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She told Clara that she could take the day off tomorrow. She was glad after all she needed maternal leave. Erotic Stories. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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August 10 Clara was what everyone would call a normal girl, she had long brown hair, a gorgeous body, with perky b cups and got fairly good grades, but she had one dirty secret. But one day she stumbled across some insect porn which both grossed her out, and got her clit tingling.

Today in biology her teacher started talking about insect reproduction, he explained that now is around the time where these woodlice and cockroaches he had in display boxes were about to lay their eggs. Her slit started dripping down her thighs, fuck, not in class! She thought to herself, how embarrassing. She pulled out her phone and texted her best friend Anna and told her that she just got some major biology homework and had to reschedule. After class she walked up to the teacher.