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Bug in belly button, Wonderful lady pick boy for Bug in belly button

We use cookies to enhance your experience. More info. Researchers have found nearly 1, strains of bacteria in the human navel.

Bug In Belly Button

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But what are "you," exactly? You might think of yourself as this autonomous, independent being who controls your own fate, but that fanciful notion doesn't take into the billions of weird organisms that call your body home. The truth is, you have a lot more in common with Venom — that half-man, half-parasite comic book character with the big teeth — than you think.

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Bellybutton bugs

But a little musk or some built-up grime sure will grab your attention. A slight odor coming from your navel is no big deal. A little dirt or lint is nothing to worry about either.

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Dozens of types of bacteria call your belly button home. Many are harmless, but some can cause infections.

What is this weird insect?

Clean your belly button when you bathe and you can prevent infections. Just use soap and water and your fingertip or a washcloth.

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Crusty skin, strong odor, itchingand redness are also s of infection. If discharge and crust stick around after you wash your belly button, you should see your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe a prescription or over-the-counter antibacterial or anti-fungal cream or ointment.

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It depends on the type of infection. In some cases, you may need antibiotic pills. Bacteria love moist, damp crevices.

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Here are a couple problems that could cause it. Hernia : This condition develops when a hole forms in your belly muscles.

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Then part of your intestine pushes through and causes a bulge. A hernia in or near your belly button is an umbilical hernia. Hernias usually get worse with time.

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So see a doctor if you think you may have one. Most hernias require surgery. If you have intense pain in your belly button or the surrounding area, see your doctor.

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You could have a severe hernia or another problem that requires immediate care. Omphalith: If you notice a stone-like mass inside your belly button, it could be an omphalith. You can also call it an umbolith. These growths can take over the entire navel and lead to infections and other problems.

Weird organisms that are living on your body right now

A Pimple-Like Lump. A red, pimple -like lump in or near your belly button could be an epidermoid cyst.

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These cysts usually develop on irritated or injured skin. They might even go away on their own.

Your belly button is full of bugs & bacteria

But, you might have:. If you think you have an epidermoid cysthave your doctor check it out to see if you need treatment.

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If your cyst ruptures or is painful, call the doctor right away. If you have a belly button piercing, your belly button needs extra attention. Wet a washcloth with a saltwater solution and gently dab it on the piercing.

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Then pat your belly button dry with a clean towel or cloth. All rights reserved.