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Brooke wylde interview, I picking female that loves Brooke wylde interview

Brooke Wylde — User rating.

Brooke Wylde Interview

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Don't have an ? up.

How old am I: I'm 30 years old
My sexual preference: Gentleman
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Leo
I prefer to drink: My favourite drink ale
I like tattoo: None

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Up. Rico,Brooke Wylde and Prince interview.

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Also talking about black,white,etc dodgers. Posted 02 Jul - PM 1. Report Quote.

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Posted 02 Jul - AM 2. Y'all put way too much stock into what these guys say especially when their actions speak waaaay louder. Nothing but niggas frontin for the camera in their safe place.

Brooke wylde interview

Prince is the biggest joke of them all. How many firsts did Jules use him for? Everybody calling out Blacked for paying chicks more money for IR and here he comes rushing to tell how much he's owes them. If that ain't some Stephen and Calvin Candie shit I don't know what is.

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Or Rico in this scene right here, sitting on the couch watching the white guys fuck Kimberly Kane and he sitting there like a clown talking to the camera about how Brooke wylde interview wishes he could but she doesn't do IR, until she tells him to come over and he runs over like a giddy kid happy to put his dick in the mouth of a person who was perfectly fine not fucking him 10 mintues beforehand.

Demi Sutra and Kira Noir have bigger balls than these guys. One of the main reasons why I can't bother myself to care and just tired of seeing dudes whine and cry over this shit. Stop being offended on behalf of people that are perfectly fine going to collect their check. Posted 02 Jul - AM 3. Iramaj wrote: Y'all put way too much stock into what these guys say especially when their actions speak waaaay louder.

Posted 02 Jul - AM 4.

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JMac wrote: Man fuck those bitches, Demi is mad because she wouldn't get booked for that site because they shoot black women well only three were shot but not her. I think she hates everyone especially interracial porn fans like us who support websites like blacked.

She is just a bitter nasty nappy headed bitch. BTW she dodged her own racist for two year when she first started out with a different name but changed it. Naw Demi or Kira Will never get my support and oh yes I don't care if I said but fuck those two black nigga bitches.

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I hope Demi get punch in the face for real. Posted 02 Jul - AM 5. Iramaj wrote: JMac wrote: wrote. Posted 02 Jul - AM 6.

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JMac wrote: For one you do not tell me what to do on here because I get to say what I want to say. Remember it's freedom of speech goddamnit if you don't like what I say then deal with it. I say fuck that dumb bitch and other Black woman who hate on Blacked and IR. Posted 02 Jul - AM 7.

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It's a decent interview from some years ago. Rico and Prince were right on their stance of working with dodgers. Posted 02 Jul - AM 8.

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JMac wrote: Iramaj wrote: wrote. Posted 02 Jul - AM 9.

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