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Age: 33
Where am I from: Thai
Hair: Abundant flaxen hair
Body features: I'm quite slender
What is my favourite music: Electronic

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My Aunt Linda and her son moved two blocks from my house the summer I turned sixteen. The week before moving in, she called my parents up and asked for help.

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My mom handled all things connected with her sister with suspicion and scrutiny and initially heed and hawed over being available. My dad, on. When I got home late Saturday night, Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. I said to her Geez, Mom I'm 25 years old now, you don't have to wait up for me.

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I know, son, she said. I went to bed, but I had trouble sleeping.

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I couldn't relax Judging from the half empty bottle of scotch in fr. The author would appreciate any comments - both positive naturally And negative - as long as they are logical and constructive.

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Those who decide to waste their time writing flames will find that they have succeeded in doing just that and that alone as they will receive no response. I hope that y. Well, it all began last Saturday when we went rafting with another couple, Todd and Robyn.

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After a day of sun and a lot of drinking, not to mention some real good pot, we went to Todd and Robyn's for dinner. After dinner and drinks, everyone was feeling pretty relaxed.

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When Todd suggested some fuck. Sandra, my dominatrix Personal Assistant, has gone on vacation leaving Fiona, her new deputy with the key to my cage. With Sandra away Fiona began to abuse the power and responsibility that had been delegated her.

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She delighted in hurting, threatening and humiliating me more than she would hav. I was still very sore the following day when I arrived at the office to find Sandra sitting at my desk.

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Sandra made me undress and kneel before her while she told me how things would be from now: To everyone here you will continue to appear to be my boss and I your devoted PA. But the reality. Sandra was my PA and so much more. She organized my business life, accompanied me on business trips, booked hotels and transport, dealt with clients and suppliers, organized me, hired and fired office staff and production workers, managed company discipline and productivity and supported me in every.

Thanks for coming in, Jenny.

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We'll be back in touch with you. And with those words, I figured that was all I'd ever hear about the summer job I'd just interviewed for. I'd spent half the morning getting ready to meet the manager of Dustee's, the little clothing boutique at the mall where I'd pu.

One of the benefits of having El Nino out here on the East Coast is that we miss a lot of the usual snow, ice, and cold.

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I am sorry, but there are certain benefits to seventy and eighty degree days in January. If you are in California, Florida, or a similar locale, you might not see my point. Too much coffee can really disrupt a morning.

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She drank her three cups of coffee to stay awake during that one awful day of the week where all three of her liberal arts electives were back to back from 9 AM straight through until noon. If liberal arts were actually interesting, chugging one coffee p.

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