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When a vicious storm strikes during the Belcher family's vacation at a beach house in Craggy Neck, they find themselves staying with the mysterious owner.

Bobs Burgers Helen

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It aired on Fox in the United States on May 10, Teddy reveals that for extra income he sometimes aids in the maintenance of a beach house in Craggy Neck owned by a widow named Helen. To help him out Linda offers to drive over to move the patio furniture inside so it will not be ruined in the upcoming storm. Bob and the kids her. Once there the family is impressed by the view and leave Bob to drag in the furniture alone. Meanwhile, Louise and Linda enter the unlocked house and soon the entire family is exploring.

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The group splits up, and Bob and Gene pretend to be plumbers arriving to look at the pipes of a blind man—but their cover backfires when the man expects them to actually fix his clogged sink. Meanwhile, Teddy searches the apartment of Kathleen, a sweet widow in sweatpants. Helen discovers that Larry had a secret apartment in this building.

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Louise realizes where the netsuke is hidden, but Tina tells her to keep quiet about it to give Teddy and Kathleen more time. Linda helps Teddy locate the netsuke, when Helen calls for him, Linda jumps and drops the figurine on top of the broken elevator. Teddy climbs on to grab it, but the elevator falls and he ends up dangling in the empty shaft!

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Helen gets her netsuke and refuses to reward Louise for it. Bob saves Teddy, but Helen trips on the way down the stairs, and a cat breaks the figurine.

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This episode charms me from beginning to end. The snappy dialogue consistently lands, the characters each have something unique to do, and the plot is compelling and original.

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Nothing about this episode is particularly surprising, yet heart and humor run throughout, making every moment enjoyable. The message here is clear—in matchmaking, the real interpersonal connection is more important than good looks and money.

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Kathleen is a bit of a loser: she wears sweatpants and messy hair, eats weeks-old pasta for dinner without heating it up, and spends her time watching TV in a decrepit apartment. Each moment of this episode is ificant; every detail mentioned in passing comes back. The blind man mentions that a stray cat sometimes wanders into his apartment, and presumably that same cat destroys the netsuke.

Bodie is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia.

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You can often find him in odd costumes, either because he's at an anime convention or performing in a musical. He's currently working on his first novel.

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Bodie Shanis has posts and counting. See all posts by Bodie Shanis.

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