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K-Pop stars are always changing hair colors as frequently as with every comeback or every month!

Blonde Kpop Stars

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Blonde is one of the hardest hair colors to pull off, but these nine female K-pop idols do so effortlessly! Despite experimenting with different colors, many agree that blonde and platinum gold is the hair color that truly matches Yves Saint Laurent's muse. Many people have compared the female idol to Rapunzel due to her long, flowy blonde hair. Many were surprised the idol was pursuing a trendy, Western style, which was different from the styles she showed in the past. People believe Somi's Western visuals were perfect for blonde hair. With her Y2K styling and nude-colored make-up, Jeon Somi caught eyes no matter where she went.

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Every K-pop group in the music industry may have gone through phases in which they have to decide a hair color that fits their concept for a specific time in their career. Most of these idols have gone through a lot of hair color changes from the past. So, here is a list of K-pop male idols who amazingly slay blonde hair among all the other hairstyles they've tried.

Female idols who make stunning blondes

After that, netizens have ranked Suga as one of the idols who rocked blonde hair the best. The nation's idol, Kang Daniel, didn't make a mistake when he chose to debut as a blonde-hair idol back in It is undeniable that Kang Daniel has left a special mark in his fans' hearts as a blondie. SHINee's Key is one of the idols who amazingly slay blonde hair.

sexy ladies Leona

No matter how many times the singer has decided to change his hair color, his golden locks will always be his best look. The idol has also appeared as the first Korean Ambassador for Jo Malone with his refreshing blonde-hair look.

11 male k-pop idols who slay the blonde hair

After he graduated from the boy group project Wanna One, Ha Sungwoon continued his career as a soloist and debuted with his first-ever solo album "My Moment. It became a shocking concept for the fans, but everyone agreed that he did look like an angel. There have been so many times that Kim Heechul was caught in different hairstyles, but the fans love his blonde hair so much that this must be the best hair color for him.

tight females Elisa

It is also said that the best hair Jackson Wang has pulled off was his blonde hair. His fans love the singer's blonde hair so much that they want it back!

sweet wives Xiomara

The leader and lead vocalist of EXO also rocks blonde as his best hair color. Kim Junmyeon also has topped the list for amazingly slaying blonde hair among male K-pop idols. Felix is known for having a shockinly deep Australian accent and voice but it's his blonde hair that makes him more charming.

naughty females Arielle

The singer's hairstyle gives off a boyfriend-material vibe that matches his youthful appeal. It has been a while since the last time we have seen Yook Sungjae with blonde hair, but everyone surely agrees that blonde is the color that best fits Sungjae.

cutie sister Luisa

It's a mystery on when we'll meet the blonde GDragon again, but the singer's fans know blonde is the best look he rocked since his debut. It was also one of the reasons why he stood out among the group on-stage.

17 female idols with blonde hair and bangs who give off serious barbie vibes

Vernon is undeniably one of the K-pop male idols who amazingly slay blonde hair. Maroo's one and only soloist, Park Jihoon or most popularly known as Wink Boy, has almost always performed with blonde hairstyle. Recently, the singer made his first-ever solo comeback, "," as a blondie. Being the last member added to the group, his blonde do made him stand out.

tight single Daniela

Although the idol was known as a brunette during his training days, he amazingly slay the blonde hairstyle during his debut. News YPcategory Fashion. Photo : Twitter.