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Joanne lived with Norman and sibling Emily, of similar age, and their children plus slightly younger Rebecca and sibling Charles and their young children at the Seafront Hotel on the Atlantic coast. They were all related and ly lived near the city, but Uncle Tony, aged 68, had generously purchased an old s Atlantic seafront hotel in need of some tender loving care for the family to do up and run as a family project and boutique hotel business. He says he was glad he could help, but said he wanted to visit from time to time to see how things were going with his investment, as their principal benefactor.

Birthday Spanking Stories

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Disclaimer : This is just fiction. Hitting children is cruel and counterproductive. Smith asked her daughter cheerfully.

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Do you have a kink? The great powers who define such things say the desire to be spanked lies underneath the sexual kink umbrella. Honestly, I don't even like to use the word 'kink'.


It is defined as a sexual interest that falls outside the mainstream appetite. In other words, it is an abnormal interest.

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Trust me, if you are a shy person, you want to fit in so you don't draw attention to yourself. Being labeled 'abnormal' is painful. So you can imagine I didn't want anyone to know about my kink when I was younger.

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Only as I aged and met other like-minded people, did I become comfortable with discussing my feelings surrounding spanking. Still, I am met with some people who question it Why would someone get off on being put in a vulnerable, embarrassing position where pain is administered? I was a junior in high school and the first thing I noticed when I walked into Mr. It was quite large and riddled with holes. However, this was the first time I saw a paddle in a classroom.

Stevens reminded me of Christopher Reeve, the popular Superman actor. He was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. You can imagine the reaction he garnered from high school girls, clamoring for his attention. But, he was the constant professional, seemingly oblivious to his love-struck pupils.

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His voice was deep and commanding, yet possessed a gentle, smoothness to his tone. I immediately felt attracted to him, despite his age. Not really into the boys in my grade, I usually fantasized about older men.

Author's notes

After he covered his class syllabus, he walked over and retrieved the paddle from the wall, swooshing it in the air as he walked. Now, I saw the purpose of the holes. A whooshing noise sounded as he swung the paddle. The effect on my body was immediate - heart racing, tummy tingling, bottom clenching. I will remove it from the wall on two occasions.

First, if you disrupt my teaching, you, me, and this paddle will take a little field trip to the office. Second, if your birthday falls on the day of my class, you will receive a birthday spanking.

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The class had a collective gasp, mixed with some laughter from the boys. My body trembled as a myriad of emotions overtook me — fear, embarrassment, anxiety, anticipation, and excitement. I was confused. I dreaded spankings as and didn't understand the fluttering in my tummy and lower regions at the thought of Mr.

Stevens paddling me. Again, boys beside her laughed, razzing her a little. Stevens walked to the center of the class where she sat and asked her to stand up and bend over Birthday spanking stories desk. She looked terrified and he leaned down and whispered something in her ear which softened her face. Carla slipped out of her chair and bent over her desk, grabbing the sides with her hands. Her bottom was facing me. The students around her leaned back in their seats to get a better look.

I think her spanking affected me more than her. Immediately, I envied the intimacy I just witnessed between Carla and Mr. Stevens and I craved it for myself. I would replay the scene over and over in my mind once I found myself alone. The birthday spankings end up being a fun thing for most of the class.

Everyone loved to count the spanks and see the birthday boy or girl squirm and gasp. My body shook with each swat and I held my breath to keep from crying out. My bottom clenched with each spank as if the paddle had struck me as well.

Spanking life

Occasionally, I saw Mr. Stevens glancing at me with a curious look on his face. Did he know? I tried to hide my reactions with little success, definitely not wanting to draw attention to myself. But, I felt my shoulders draw in and know I sometimes jumped a little in my seat. Some days the students' being spanked would be facing me and I captured every facial expression. For some, their eyes tightly closed with corners wrinkling with each swat of the paddle. Others' eyes widened from the impact on their bottoms.

The paddle made a stunning sound as it made contact too. I suspected that is why teachers liked to use it. The sound alone instilled fear in its recipients. My mind traveled to thoughts of it striking a bare bottom. What would it sound like? Feel like? Other days the students' bottoms were in my line of view. Birthday spanking stories watched Birthday spanking stories material of their skirts or pants flattening as the paddle made contact, knowing the skin beneath felt the contact.

Some legs shifted back and forth. Some twitched. Others shook. Every student felts his paddle strike one of their most private areas and all eyes were on that private area. It wouldn't be the same if say he paddled our legs, would it? I was usually first in class as Math was my favorite subject. One day when no one else had arrived yet, he walked up to my desk and kneeled down to eye-level with my seated body.

I need to know if anything in my class bothers you. Through their clothes, it is barely felt with my light swing. Maybe just the last one is felt. But, Bobby probably felt every swat because he doesn't do his homework and I wanted his paddling to sting a little. We both laughed then I said, "Okay. It's fine. I'm fine. It seemed like every other week it was someone's birthday. The more paddlings I witnessed, the more I craved it.

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Not so much the boys excited me, but when he paddled the girls I always felt wet between my legs. We sat in orange plastic chairs and sometimes when I stood up, I saw a wet spot in my seat. I quickly wiped it away before anyone saw. My nights were filled with fantasies about Mr. I wouldn't understand this until later either, but he was usually chasing me.

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I was running from him, but not because I was afraid.