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I've recently been working on a playthrough of Fallout 4 and figured I'd share a build I'm working on. I wanted something modeled after the Big Daddys in the Bioshock series, and I think I've done a great job at mimicking them.

Big Daddy Fallout 4

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Explore the depths! Crush your enemies! Protect your children! Submersible Power Armor brings a brand new set of power armor to the Commonwealth, inspired by the iconic look of Bioshock's Big Daddies!. Unoctium - For making it standalone and adding the new special mods. File information Last updated 28 July AM.

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The Bioshock series is officially leaving Rapture in Bioshock 4but the deep-sea dystopia now lives on in the form of a Fallout 76 shelter. There's a clever use of Fallout 76's items, like how a bungalow serves as the bathysphere and the jellyfish are constructed from lamps.

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Glass walls, along with some landscaping, provide an accurate Rapture-esque terrain. Vigue told PC Gamer that he completed the project, "in the span of two weeks" and dove back into the original Rapture.

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One of the great things about this recreation is the blend of the two aesthetics: it's so close to Rapture, then you catch a glimpse of something Fallout-ey. The two blend wonderfully well they are, after all, both indebted to much of the same Americana.

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Vigue thinks there's an aspect of Fallout 76 fans getting more comfortable with what is possible with the game's tools. Vigue also explained some of the clever-looking lighting tricks that had been employed in order to create that enveloping Rapture gloom in some areas. The build links together three shelters in total, creating a playable through-line paying homage to classic Bioshock moments.

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Vigue's shared a walkthrough of his impressive build, with some cool video editing to ham up the Bioshock experience even further, like an amusing voiceover in the form of Bioshock's audio diaries and the iconic loading screens. There are also some staged splicer battles, which made me realise I'm still not quite over how terrifying they were in the original game. It's a fantastic recreation of one of gaming's greatest locations and certainly gave me the itch to dive back into the real thing.

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You can take a peek at the short teaser trailer or Vigue's longer walkthrough here. Also, make sure to check out a gallery of Vigue's shots hereand nod sagely in agreement with the first comment: "Who is that Bhramin lover who downvote this masterpiece.

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