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Big brother jack shack, Elite Big brother jack shack look up boy especially for strangets

Wow I kept picturing like an outhouse for some reason.

Big Brother Jack Shack

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By bbfanJuly 18, in Big Brother 7 Archives. OMG I just clicked on that link for boogie in the jack shack.

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I can't believe he really did that?? I hope he was acting?? No he didn't seem to be acting. He also forgot to remove his mic.

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I wasn't at my desk at the time and could hear noises. I wouldn. Seemed pretty real to me.

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Especially the clean up. Just out of curiosity I mean there's no camera in there.

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I hope the pool man wears gloves and is up to date on his hep B shots! I can't believe BB actually zoomed in on that! Actually, there is a camera in the toilet room, in the event that the HGs use it for a meeting place. Actually there is a camera in the toilet and shower.

Since the hg's like talking about the "jack shack" yet have no idea what it is, here's a video of mike boogie using it for the first time in s7.

If they ever try and hide to talk game they can still be recorded. TheNunOwnedGoat, you were too fast for me. I am so sorry to the mods for asking this, I really did not know what it meant I apologise OMG I wouldn't be able to pee knowing that some of the rats in the walls may be watching me. The camera in the loo came in handy last year when Apeshit had her meltdown after Howie made fun of her stupid dog.

Jem is a mod and she is the one that posted the link Just out of curiosity bbfan They would never air it on T. But still, I agree - at first, I'd be a little weirded out knowing that someone might be watching me. If I thought someone was watching me in the can I would be severly constipated. Camera shy!!

I'd think it was a little strange also, just knowing someone could be watching Even if they aren't watching the can at the moment you let it fly - it is on tape for anyone, including some perv CBS intern - to watch his or her leisure. I don't blame Erica all for using a towel.

Big brother 7 breaks in "the jack shack"

Well, I didn't think at all. I saw the title Boogie uses Howie's jack shack and thought that it had something to do with last year's show I had no idea what it meant. How bout right now? Share More sharing options Followers 0.

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Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted July 18, What is the jack shack and why is it named 'Howie's Jack Shack on the main ?

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Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options CrackersMartini Posted July 18, Howie invented it last season. Jem Posted July 18, I'm sure you will work out what Boogie is doing. Especially the clean up Just out of curiosity Yana Posted July 18, Go to topic listing. Living Room.

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