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Trying to get a friend into the pairing but have no idea where to begin?

Best Snape Hermione Fanfiction

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Due to changes in my life, I do not expect to post a review of my own again. Thank you to everyone for your very kind words and for those who have checked in on me. I will not post all of the reviews; in fact I might only post a handful or none at all.

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I had a request from someone asking for my recommended Severus x Hermione fics. Kind of for me. And kind of for anyone interested. That is here. I will be adding a lot more as I have time. Snape and Hermione are encouraged to marry on her 17th birthday which will intertwine both their paths in life. It actually works quite well. And both are pretty much in character.

And the love story itself is so fucking beautiful. My favorite part of this is that I believe it could have happened. Not sex for the sake of porn. Well, I was wrong. It is the sweetest damned adorable story that nearly makes me stop breathing half the tie. This kid, Nathan Granger, is so damned adorable that I wish she would have written a story about him through out Hogwarts and please if you ever do, ferporcel, I beg you to put him with Lily Luna. And this love story is very well written and executed.

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Snape is a schmuck and Hermione is perfectly Hermione. I just really loved it so much. Something terrible happens to Hermione. And her memory has been altered. Severus is involved in this terrible thing and Dumbledore plays God. But the dynamic between Severus and Hermione is what I love most. However, the best part is just the entire story.

So please keep that in mind.

Snamione asks

This was a beautiful set of stories. I just could barely breathe. It was just so good. In this story, Hermione manages to go back in time - without the usual timeturner. She falls in love with Severus but comes back to the present day without him.

The story is just really good.

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And each one of these stories are so beautiful. And heartbreakingly lovely. They stay in character - pretty much- which is great. Denial by little beloved Complete Rating: Mature 8. The Marriage Act comes about and Hermione leaves town. And there is when the entire thing goes haywire. Snape is married and in charge of the program. Hermione marries someone ill-suited for her.

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This is the story of how the Marriage Act backfires and how it affects the lives of so many different people. This was the first ever Severus and Hermione fanfic I read. It made a Snanger believer out of me. Hermione and Snape marry so she can fulfill her part for the Marriage Act. It is possibly one of the very best. It filled my heart to bursting, it did.

The story is lovely.

They are rather in character to be honest. Hermione has her ditzy moments but for the most part she works. She has to help heal him. To watch their story develop so beautifully. They are in character enough to make it work for me.

Snamione asks

More than work. I think she would be a little bit more broody but I can definitely see how they would be able to connect on a level like this. And the story is just beautifully written. This is a story of their friendship and how they heal their broken hearts and the loss they both experienced in the war. There are several other stories connected with this one that you should read as well. But this one is a beautiful story written just as beautifully as Chasing the Sun.

With a Snape I know I easily fell in love with. And these stories are why Snape and Hermione are in my top three of the HP ships. It used to be one then I read the fallout and well, sorry and maybe could be two. Some of the authors who write these are just brilliant.

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I mean, my heart just wanted to burst apart as I was reading them again these past two weeks. Hermione Granger, master spy, and Severus Snape, spymaster to the Order. An unlikely partnership, forged to defeat the Dark Lord on his own ground. But to do so, they must confront their own darkness within. Spying, torture, angst and love. able by Dyce - it was also translated to czech language! I read it like 20x times. The war is over. Victory has had unintended consequences which affect not only Hermione, but all those around her.

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Daddy dearest by Ms-Figg Severus Snape is not ready to be a father, and when a onenight stand with 20 year old Hermione Granger in pregnancy, he refuses to take care of or acknowledge the. Eleven years later Mathias Granger enters Slytherin house. The fun starts.

Disguised affections by dressagegrrrl AU. Snape is 1 on the Dth Eater hit-list after the fall of the Dark Lord. His memory is wiped when he is attacked, and to buy time to find a solution, Dumbledore hides him amongst the 7th yrs under a glamour and the watchful eye of HG. Out of the depths by Laurielove - emotional, lot of sex, amazing! A tale of emotional and physical dependency.

[request] looking for longish, good hermione/snape fics.

A nineteen-year-old Hermione is back at Hogwarts, dissatisfied with life, and her bewildering new feelings for her Potions Master confuse her even more. M content. Age-appropriate readers, please. Second chances by trizfores After years of believing that he was dead, Severus Snape is seen by none other than Hermione Granger. They easily become friends, and maybe even more. How many chances can one man truly get? Their love broken because of a mistake. Eight years later, Severus and Hermione are forced to work together.

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What will happen? What has changed? Amongst everything that is broken, will anything ever become whole again? Bonds of Matrimony by gnrkrystle Marriage Law Fic. Voldemort pushes through a marriage law to force Hermione to marry a Deatheater. Can Snape save her, and the cause, by being that Deatheater? Epic novel with angst, drama, mystery and, above all, love. Source: 40yr-old-fangirl.