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Bengay on testicles, Host girl searching boy for Bengay on testicles

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Bengay On Testicles

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When it arrived, I was quick to apply it and to thank the old chemical gods for the pain relief, as that familiar burn and mentholated aroma immediately took me back to my days spent nursing sports injuries.

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The danger here lies in possible damage to your sperm. Both of the external balms you are usingcause an increased blood flow to the area via vessel dilation. Sperm produced in the testes moves out for storage into the epididymis gland where the sperm change from nonmotile to motile can now "swim" then they move into the Vas Deferens long tube up to back of penis and are stored then in the Ampulla of the Vas at the base of the penis awaiting ejaculation. The sperm are VERY heat sensative and the epididymis, Vas ans Ampulla are all exposed structures suspended in the scrotum Thus your increasing the heat can damage the sperm.

These PDRs are available in most larger book stores. Hope this helps and please note that Dermatology is not my specialty--for the record Best Regards, DrMac.

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That is heat as in temperature. Ben Gay doesn't actually "heat" anything.

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The reason the testicals hang away form the body is because sperm is very heat sensitive. To the point that a hot bath, fever, or even wearing tight pants can kill sperm.

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The testies are around 3 to 4 degrees cooler that the tempature of the body ever notice they hang low in hot weather and pull up tight in cold weather, this is to control tempature. Thus the increased blood flow could raise the tempature in the scrotum enough to do damage to the sperm inside.

BTW the use of Ben Gay etc along with a heating pad can be very Bengay on testicles on any part of the body, as it causes poisoning of the tissues in the affected area. Some added bullshit to this good stuff. Brains also are heat sensitive, which is why there is no fat cover over the brain. If you doubt me take a look at a picture of the sumo wrestler who used to be called Konishiki he retired a few weeks ago and changed his name. Or any other mega-fat person yuou see on the street.

But I live in the orient and they are sold everywhere here. The Dragonmaster z In other animals, testes are located in different places, and there is a different ideal temperature. In rock hyraxes, for example, they are completely internal. This is actually a function of an increased of immature or abnormal sperm, not because of the sperm being dead. It also corrects rapidly, because of the fact that sperm production has a tendency to go for speed, not accuracy.

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Males need to have a certain threshold of normal, healthy sperm because so many do not make it -- only about 0. Some sperm die on contact in the vagina, some get lost in the cervix, half thosethat get through the uterus more losses choose the wrong oviduct, and then when they do get to the egg she is coated with a bunch of other cells from the ovary, connective tissues, etc.

The upshot is that while a certain lower threshold is needed to ensure the possibility of conception, there are also enough sperm released in any ejaculate from a man without a vasectomy that using the sauna as a birth control method is just plain stupid.

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You could use the same argument on hands and feet. He do get fat.

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While you are correct in that thermoregulation centers are found in the brain, the human brain is not damaged by heat until it raises several degrees above normal temperature -- it is FAR less heat sensitive than sperm production, and starts to suffer damage only at about the same point as other body systems.

Oh, yeah, ands we're all bald, too. Hair is a great insulator, you know. If we Bengay on testicles it on the tops of our he, we would undoubtably have a problem shedding all that extra heat. There is actually a slight difference in the temperature of the blood going up the carotids and coming down in the jugular, according to several of the physiology books I have here.

One of our physicians can correct me if their research is dated, I am sure, since we have at least a couple of people here like Dr. And that I'll keep out of, because I don't really have any interest in examining the effect of any of these things on people. I don't really see the point; although, from what others have said, I get the impression that applying them to the nether bits can have an effect; I've put some tiger balm right on my clitoris, and didn't notice any effect other than a little itching. I do, however, understand that other people find it very painful.

If you look closely enough, you'll see that there is no-one who conforms to the standard blueprint in all ways. If we wear a heavy hat over long hair coiled up, and tie it down with a scarf, all that happens is that our peripherial blood vessels Bengay on testicles more. It would be sorta interesting if we did have to depend on radiating heat from the skull to cool it, since we would probably end up with some neato spikes and stuff projecting as cooling fins.

Actually, the reason your body loses so much heat from the head is that your metabolism is geared to keep your head warm. It's a cold weather adaptation. The head is entirely the wrong shape to act as a radiating surface.

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That heavy facial structure is not solid bone. It's filled with sinuses that channel air that has warmed by the lungs to the area around the eyes. This helped keep the eyes from freezing. Anatomy question here: Are these the same muscles that men use to wiggle their ears? Jim, please reread post describing the increased heat caused by the increased blood flow caused by the ointments discussed caused by the application to the Regards, DrMac. No -but when used during oral sex--they could wiggle yours!!!

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Do you have an idea of how long it takes to correct - i. Isn't it something like 48 hours?

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Or is that only outside the body? Ease down! You're just grinding metal! Cum anima consecrata tende et pacem meam da. Ron DomSub. Reply to author. Report message as abuse. Show original message. Either addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member addresses permission to view the original message.

Pain is after all the body's way on warning you that something is wrong. The intensity of it much nastier than Ben Gay made me wonder about damage.

I just put bengay on my balls.

If it is medically safe then that would be great to be made to just endure it. Can anyone speak about this from a medically informed position? Jim K. Spyral Fox. Fnord Prefect Fnord the little blue guy.