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Bella dragon age origins, I hunt Bella dragon age origins lady that wants be topless

Bella is a redheaded serving girl at the tavern in Redcliffe. She works for Lloydthe tavern owner, and complains about him.

Bella Dragon Age Origins

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N: Location N is rife with activity, and there are four people in particular you want to speak to. This area of Denerim is a bazaar of sorts, where merchants from all over the world come to sell and trade their wares. Question in the topic title. Ive already made the dragon bone armor, but have enough drake skins for a whole other set of drakeskin, but he wont make anymore. My favorite is Bhelen.

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Dragon Age Origins: Oddities. Reply Dragon Age Origins: Oddities.

Dragon age: origins redcliffe

Posts: 13 Likes: Apr 8, GMT. Mar 17, GMT. I discovered an odd little sideline item in DAO. This was a brief trip there to finish up some sideline tasks. As I was walking by the Chantry entrance I don't know if it's location-specifica brief cutaway scene had my Dog run off by himself.

I was offered a few dialogue choices, one to say "come back". He then returned, followed by a boy I think it's the same boy who delivered a message to me earlier in game.

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The boy just excitedly says "Puppy! I chose "Put him back where he belongs. What's up with that? Why does it happen, and what exactly am I supposed to answer or say?

Dragon age origins: oddities

Does it mean anything? Or is it just some little tidbit to story? Deleted Deleted Member. Oct 10, GMT. You must convince him to fight and get a document from him.

Dragon age origins: oddities

She will scoff, but you can suggest getting a raise. If Lloyd the bartender is dead, she will be overjoyed and speak of being the new owner of the tavern.

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If Lloyd is alive, she will simply offer her gratitude. This brief conversation will vary depending on your gender.

Dao redcliffe – bella

For a female Warden, it is a verbal expression of thanks. However, a Male Warden can recieve an intimate kiss. This version of the conversation only occurs if your Warden is Male: Whether or not Lloyd is alive, as part of her gratitude for your help, you can respond in the following ways; "How about a warm welcome for a hero?

Or - You can simply offer her a soveriegn to aid in her needs. Or - You can politely refuse any reward or gratitude. DAO - Return to Ostagar When crossing the bridge, after finding King Cailan's body hanging on that crucifix-style thing, and after defeating the darkspawn that come at you on the bridge In one play through of the game, I played a human male mage.

Epilogue \"radcliffe\" (dragon age: origins)

Use "We need to talk Life is so uncertain. Be kind and say "As a Grey Warden, duty comes first. Then, return to camp, give Morrigan the Golden Mirror buy it from Garin in Orzammar prior to thisand she will express her heartfelt gratitude, then your dialogues with her will return to "Care to me in my tent?

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Your dialogue choices can vary slightly Just answer; "And what if I love you? She will say "you are a fool, but if that's what you want" After this, when you click her to talk, instead of her "laugh" From this point on, she is committed to you, despite denying "love", and you can go with her to her "other realm" at end of epilogue. The one major change, however, is that after her "love" dialogue, she stops having sex I haven't fully finished my character's game on this one, so I don't know if she changes her mind later Spoiler Alert aside from the deal she makes after Landsmeet in which she has sex with you or Alaistair in order to concieve she wants to make "godlike".

When you ask "Care to me in my tent? Do not be offensive. Simply ask "Is something wrong?

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Don't push her on this, just say "I'm sorry if I made you angry. If you say the wrong things, you may lose 3 or 4 approval points. As I say, this particular game is not yet finished, so I am uncertain if she eventually goes back to having sex.

If you play the missions out of order, as I do, you might do the Nature of the Beast quest before Wynne tells you about Aneirin He's off by himself in a clearing just beyond the Mad Hermit's camp. But, he will only be there if the Wynne's Regret quest is active. Just here for the cosplay. Aug 1, GMT. Apr 5, GMT daniel said:.

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May the Wombat of Happiness snuffle your underbrush. I have absolutely no idea what's going on! Quick Quote. Deleted Deleted Member Posts: 0 Deleted inherit guest proboards. It may be the mods I have running, but I have done the quests out of order and successfully started the quest. Sometimes you have to burn through some dialog choices to get to asking about Aneirin, but it's there.