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Batman talks dirty, I'm Batman talks dirty female that loves lapdance

If you are of a certain age, you might think that Batman can only be a gritty, dark and brooding superhero, who can't crack jokes and never has any fun.

Batman Talks Dirty

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Christopher Nolan's Batman movies are just one of many Batman adaptions throughout the years, but it sure did make an impact on viewers. With a brilliantly talented and memorable cast, three high stakes films, and an intense soundscore, how could it not? When a film is made into a trilogy, it allows viewers to understand and further grasp the storyline.

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Yet, it is clear from when he does speak that this titan of DC Comics is never one to mince words. Just take look at some of the most famous Batman quotes said in his superhero movies alone for proof. While there are true blue comic book fans who may have their arguments against the many different ways cinema has depicted The Dark Knightone thing that most of the movies have usually gotten right is the dialogue, particularly in the purpose for and manner in which he speaks.

"i’m not going to kill you. i want you to do me a favor. i want you to tell all your friends about me." - batman ()

Admittedly, some are directly adapted from the comics, but who says even they should not count? In fact, I have counted several of them in the following quotes spoken by Batman on the big screen Speaking of a badass choice of words, rarely has Batman ever said anything so invigorating as this other Frank Miller classic which will not be the last on this list brought to life in the first half of the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.

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Sometimes words turn out to be all Batman needs to assert dominance over his adversary, especially when said villain has him pinned down at the end of a building like in this pivotal moment near the conclusion of The Dark Knight. Plus, it gives me reason to applaud Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for using this subtle rewrite of a quote from the graphic novel that heavily inspired it instead of ripping off its most iconic quote.

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Said iconic quote, spoken by an armored Batman to a roughed up Superman Mark Valleyhad already made its screen debut in the second part of the animated Batman: The Dark Knight Returns adaptation anyway. At the peak of the their thunderous physical conflict at Crime Alleyit appears Bruce Wayne will earn the ultimate victory and wants to make sure Superman realizes how much he enjoys having the upper hand, right before succumbing to a heart attack.

However, after hearing heart beats from his grave, Clark Kent discovers that his friend is still alive and he really did become the sole victor against the Man of Steel.

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If I was to rank this list, nothing else would have been suitable for the top spot than those two words, said most memorably by Michael Keaton in Batman and Christian Bale in Batman Beginsto name a few. Not only is it the most epic way a comic book hero can, or has ever, introduced themselves by its pristine simplicity and staunch pride, but it is also an appropriate answer to whenever someone questions how the Dark Knight manages to pull off his most inexplicable achievements.

What do you think?

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Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for additional information and updates on the Caped Crusader on the big screenas well as even more retrospectives of your favorite superhero movie quoteshere on CinemaBlend. Jason has been writing since he was able to pick up a washable marker, with which he wrote his debut illustrated children's story, later transitioning to a short-lived comic book series and very amateur filmmaking before finally settling on pursuing a career in writing about movies in lieu of making them.

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Look for his name in just about any article related to Batman. Jason Wiese. Your Daily Blend of Entertainment News.

The 'westworld' actor explained that he and pattinson forged a bond on set to represent the dynamic between batman and his ally in the police force.

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