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The humor is genuinely funny and relatable to many families. Of course, one day everything goes wrong. The dog comes down with vertigo and has to be rushed to the vet, making her late to work and her children late to school.

Bad Moms Movie Nudity

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But Amy must contend with Gwendolyn's displeasure of her one-woman rule being disrespected, all of which le to Gwendolyn trying to destroy her, especially after Amy decides she's going to run for president of the PTA against her. If they're into raunchy, hard R-rated comedies, they might, especially if they're a fan of anyone in the cast. That's just the introduction of this review. The full review -- available to our members -- has complete and highly detailed listings of the sex, nudity, profanity, violence and more 15 so you won't be surprised by what you might see or hear in this movie.

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Some of them are relatively clean and fun, but many of them contain at least some, and often plenty of, lewd, outrageous content.

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For example, there are two very suggestive dance scenes featuring a professional male dancer. Violence: Comic violence includes falling and hitting during dodge ball game on trampolines, pratfalls, angry woman rips down Christmas decorations, two women fight over Christmas tree, a few groin hits.

Alcohol Use: Alcohol use and drunkenness.

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As the movie begins, Amy, played by Mila Kunis, is sitting unhappily on the stairs in her house, pondering the destruction around her. The Christmas tree has fallen to the ground, as have all the decorations in her living room.

Parents say

In voiceover, Amy says that, sadly, she has just ruined Christmas for her family. Cut to five days before Christmas Eve. Amy learns that her hyper-critical mother, Ruth, and her father are coming over to visit during Christmas.

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Amy wanted to have a more relaxed Christmas celebration for her two children, her new boyfriend and his daughter. However, her mother is a perfectionist who wants to celebrate Christmas with all the trimmings, including a fancy Christmas Eve party.

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Carla suspects that the only reason her mother showed up is because she needs some money. Amy, Kiki and Carla get together at the local mall, where they commiserate with one another about their troubled relationships with their own mothers. They decide to take a break and throw down some booze. Perhaps the cleanest of the vignettes, and one of the funniest, is a visit to a foam rubber indoor amusement centered called The Fun Zone.

All the children and all the adults take part in bouncing on trampolines, playing with foam rubber blocks and playing dodge ball.

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The movie also has some surprisingly heartfelt moments centered on the joys of family Christmas gatherings. Never fear, however.

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It also contains some very suggestive dancing by a muscular male dancer named Ty, whom Carla meets at the spa where she works when Ty asks her to wax his private parts. Only a tiny portion of our readers give.

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Thank you. Home Reviews Movies. None Light Moderate Heavy Language. Can she fix the situation and restore the joys of Christmas for her own two children?

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