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Babysitter Tied Stories

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Mike then hinted that he wanted to take the girls down to the basement where there was a large mattress on the floor. Mike then ran upstairs to get Cassie as I opened the door. Laurie stood there smiling. Her brunette hair was back in a ponytail. Anyway, I invited her in, telling her that Cassie would be down in a minute, but I didn't tell her how! Laurie I think started to protest, but I quickly stopped that by hand gagging her.

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Angela Grant had been babysitting the West's children for some four years now, ever since they'd first moved into the neighbourhood. She enjoyed her time with them.

They had a boy, Pearce, who was ten years-old and a girl, Rebecca, five. She had become close with their mother, Dorothy, whom she regarded almost as a sister. Angela could discuss anything with Dorothy. But it was David West she adored. He was only thirty but very dignified for one so young. Quite handsome in her estimation. She had a mad crush on him, right from the first time they'd met. Dorothy West was two years younger than her husband and quite beautiful herself.

She stood 5'1". Slender, about lbs.

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Jet black hair which she kept cut short. Gray eyes. And a figure 34b which she worked hard trying to maintain.

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She'd succeeded. Angela Grant was no slouch in the looks department, herself. She was blonde, platinum blonde. Hair so light it almost seemed white. Not overly tall, just 5'4".

Emerald green eyes. She would soon be nineteen.

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But it was her figure that set Angela apart from her peers. Secretly she had to admit she was a little vain about her looks, but she tried never to show it. In fact it was often an embarassment to her. She had developed early and was often teased by the boys about it, which caused her to become self-concious. More than a few girls were envious as well. The boys were always trying to sneek a peek at her body and this added to her shyness. To try and overcome her reclusive tendencies, Angela had been encouraged to extra-curricular activities, that's why she had become a cheerleader.

But performing in front of all those boys in her tight uniform wasn't easy, but inwardly she found she enjoyed it. Her insular nature had caused her to unjustly gain a reputation as a snob, a tight ass, and a tease. None of which was true, but thusly she was regarded by her peers. Angela enjoyed being around the Wests, so when Dorothy phoned and asked if she would mind sitting, she readily agreed.

She was met at the front door by Dorothy. We have to go to a get-acquainted party for some new people at David's firm. I still say they could have given us more notice, but there you have it.

That's why I had to give you such short notice. Don't think I don't appreciate your doing this and I'll see to it you get paid extra. Oh, my nephew, Granger, is here. He's my sister Laura's boy. She had an important errand to run, so I was watching him.

He's fourteen and quite precocious, quite a handful at times. Laura should be along anytime to fetch him, so he shouldn't prove a bother. Sorry about that.

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It won't be a problem, will it? Becky is in bed.

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I just checked and she's fast asleep. So you need only look in on her from time to time. She won't likely wake up. She sleeps like a log, just like her father. Pearce can stay up til Laura comes, then he should go.

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The where we can be reached is on the kitchen notice board. As usual, anything you can find for a snack, you are welcome to.

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We'll try not to be too long, but with these things, you never know. I'm tired, so the first chance we get, we're gone. Thanks again,Angie. No sooner had they left than it started. Pearce came in the living room followed by his cousin, Granger. Angela was surprised. He sure didn't look fourteen.

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He was a tall boy and very well developed. He was eyeing her, openly. His gaze travelled from her head to her toes and back up.

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Angela could see that he liked what he saw, very much. Her inner voice told her to be careful of this one but she ignored it. After all, she was almost nineteen and would be going to college next semester. He was only a fourteen-year-old boy.

She would learn not to ignore that voice! You're very pretty. Aren't all the prettiest girls cheerleaders?

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There are a lot of pretty girls who aren't. It involves more than just looks, you know. Boyfriends were a sore point with Angela at the moment. She had one until recently. Peter Magnusson.

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He'd left her for her arch-rival, Margaret Colleen Murphy, the bitch! Angela suspected that Slaggie Maggie was putting out. The slut! Angela refused to, so he'd left her. If that's what he wants, then good riddance.

But inwardly, she was hurt by it. One day she'd show that whore. Little did Angela realize that day had arrived, but not in the way she'd imagined.

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Granger's questions continued. Even your shoes and socks. Is your underwear red too?