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Aurelion sol sucks, I would like found somebody who Aurelion sol sucks photography

Let's nerf Aurelion Sol Meme.

Aurelion Sol Sucks

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Many players complain about the rarely chosen Aurelion Sol. Some people think it is completely useless and should be revamped or at least slightly reinforced. If we ask League of Legends players what hero they see the least often, a large part will certainly answer that it is the First Star. He has his own unique playstyle that needs to be learned and takes hours to work. What do players think? Therefore, we can divide the Aurelion Sola players into two groups.

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General Discussion.

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General Board. Aurelion Sol kinda sucks. Reply Aurelion Sol kinda sucks. Darkin Blade Diamond.

Aurelion sol ‘temporarily’ disabled at worlds after tsm-rng bug

Posts: 4, Ganked From Behind Plat Cookie. Posts: 2, Posts: 1, Poeta Somnium Diamond. Posts: 3, May I be at peace. May my heart remain open.

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May I realize the beauty of my own true nature. May I be healed. May I be a source of healing for this world.

lonely female Skyler

Not only that, but you can see it a mile away and sidestep it, or if it IS big enough, the fight simply could've moved from the point you were trying to bring your planetary stun. His ult isn't game-changing either. So if he isn't a DPS mage and his stun is pathetic as fuck and was nerfed, so I really don't think this is truewhat does he do??? Don't go for gigantic stuns if you're against wind wall or people are dodging it, it's not hard to make that adaptation.

slutty girls Rayne

Just because he can do go for giant lanewide stuns doesn't mean it's always the best choice. Also, I just tried it out, you can't windwall a giant stun unless the core touches the wall, so windwall isn't terribly effective against it. His ult and Q are pretty game changing if lands a big combo in a teamfight, but he's not terribly impressive aside from that.

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I think the champ is alright. Just alright. I thought he was pretty good prior to that, but nobody was really playing him and he didn't really overpowered either. The core will always hit windwall unless the Yas is braindead retarded.

Tft patch breakdown: a treasure trove of changes

You say don't go for big stuns, but then what advantage does he have over Anivia then? Anivia has a similar stun yes shorterbut she has an answer to melee champs.

ebony whore Carly

Yeah, I don't know why they did that. The advantage he has over Anivia is that his Q is a bigger AoE stun even when it's small, pseudo-TF ganks, and his teamfight presence is higher because his QRW combo is much more immediate and devastating than Anivia QRE though Anivia's combo is more effective against a single person than Aurelion's is. He doesn't have severe mana problems like she does and he has a better time last hitting before level 6.

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What he trades is that he doesn't have as much raw damage as she does until way later into the game, the nasty post 6 waveclear, and huge utility of Crystalize. He also gets destroyed really hard by mobile melees, a lot harder than Anivia does.

Aurelion sol kinda sucks

So the brief version of my answer is that they do different things. Aurelion is a AoE based team fighter who is good at roaming, Anivia is an immobile waveclear bot that picks people who are out of position and one shots them. You also can't just claim Yasuo will always block giant stuns with windwall, if Aurelion channels one from very large distance away, there's a pretty huge amount of distance between the edge and the core. That doesn't mean it'll always land, but I find it highly doubtful that a Yasuo could reliably block it every single time unless he's running directly into the stun and possibly into Aurelion's team, or if his team just has enough distance between them that he can put the wall down and kite backwards, in which case, it Aurelion sol sucks a bad stun that probably could have been easily avoided by sidestepping anyways.

eye-candy floozy Mylah

Of course, none of this should matter because if you go for the giant stun and Yasuo blocks it, you'd be retarded to keep doing it over and over again. Poeta Somnium Diamond Hi! You're awesome.

Aurelion sol is useless? one of euw’s top players apparently doesn’t know this

Put a smile on, love deeply, know no fear. Happiness is a choice. He's awkward to play.