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By Lucy Buckland.

Audrey Tautou Legs

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By Lucy Buckland. But one to way to definitely get noticed is to turn up to a premiere sans bra - something the year-old does incredibly well. Brunette Audrey looked dazzling in a sheer topped black dress which just about preserved her dignity at the New York premiere of Populaire at the Paris Theater on the opening night of Rendez Vous with French Cinema in Manhattan. Dare to bare: Audrey looks dazzling in her sheer dress, which she opted to wear without a bra. Despite not starring in the film Audrey made sure she stood out in the unusual sheer embroideredwhich she teamed with a clutch bag and left her trademark brunette bob tousled. She recently spoke of exploring her dark side to play a killer wife in upcoming movie Therese Desqueyroux.

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Tautou starred as the eccentric young Parisienne who, against the artfully shot background of the streets of Montmartre, sets her sights on increasing the sum of human happiness, one kind act at a time. Her celebrity — she was only 25 when the film was released, with a handful of films under her belt — was instant and overwhelming.

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Tautou says that she was always interested in creating work, and in living a life less ordinary, rather than pursuing fame. Many of those scrutinising her were journalists and she became acutely aware of their unequal relationship.

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All these anonymous people, she realised, were the engine of her fame and yet she had little awareness of who they were — it was simply not part of the equation. The pictures of the journalists are both unremarkable — snaps of a group of people with little resonance to the viewer — and telling: the occasional flash of wariness, the apparently open-faced smile that might indicate a genuine amusement at the tables being turned or simply a willingness to play along, to indulge the superstar and keep her sweet.

In one, Tautou perches, naked, at the edge of pool, a foot poised to dip in; she tells me that some people have read it as though she were a mermaid, ready to return to the water.

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But she links it far more closely with the myth of Narcissus, in which a beautiful youth becomes dangerously enraptured by their reflection. People see it as a blessing.

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And yet Tautou has been steadily building up her portfolio over the last two decades, working privately and not even employing a professional photographic laboratory until recently. I wanted to show them, no matter where, it could have been on a field in the middle of nowhere. I wanted them to be out. I think if I was less exigent with myself, maybe I would be more productive, because I would put less pressure on my shoulders. Is it because, perhaps related to her work as an actor, she is interested in those who suggest the story beyond the frame?

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For the time being, Tautou is focusing on other photographic projects, although she insists that they are not ready for her to talk about, partly because, she says, she is so slow. She knows she will never stop taking photographs and gives the distinct impression that she will not be able to keep them to herself.

Because if it still existed only in my brain, only in my little four-wall house, it was suffocating.

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So I was not scared any more. The Observer Audrey Tautou. Alex Clark.

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Photograph: Audrey Tautou. Sun 1 Oct Reuse this content.