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Atomic wedgie in tighty whities, I am search Atomic wedgie in tighty whities that wants tradition sex

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Atomic Wedgie In Tighty Whities

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Worn by prepubescent boys and men whose moms still buy their underwear for them. What nerds and geeks wear. It is a cool dudes duty to give a hanging wedgie to all tighty whitie wearers.

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One of the most notable school yard pranks is known as the wedgie. A wedgie is normally done between the ages of students in middle school and college. The act is performed when someone grabs the back of another persons underwear and yanks it over their head, hard.

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This is most likely the most painful of all wedgies, and seems impossible, but if you have the right kind of underwear, it very much is possible. This wedgie is mainly seen in cartoons. The atomic wedgie has a higher chance of probability if the underwear is ripped during the wedgie.

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The act is performed when someone grabs the front of another persons underwear and yanks it up, crushing the cock of a guy, making the wedgie more painful. For girls, it slides across their pussy, and then if you pull hard enough, goes in between their lips, causing lots of pain and embarrassment. The act is performed when someone grabs another persons underwear from behind and yanks it up the ass causing the victim pain. These wedgies can be combined with other wedgies to form other wedgies.

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Such as the "atomic hanging wedgie" or the "atomic messy wedgie". Can be done solo but easiest with two or more people. If solo, give the victim a normal wedgie then spin the around and give them a frontal wedgie, then if you like you can pull up the sides as well. If with a group, have everyone take a side of the victim's underwear one or two hands in the front, back, and sides.

Then all pull up at the same time.

Atomic wedgie tighty whities gif

The end result should be the same either way, the victim should have their underwear hiked up an equal height all the way around the higher the better. A wedgie where the victim has their underwear on backwards.

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This way the underwear is more like a thong when it is in your ass because the front side of the underwear is not as wide as the back side. The victim is wedgied with no pants on so their ass is completely exposed. Then water is shot directly in their asshole, usually by a hose or water gun. This should be done outside, because it can make your victim cum.

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Give a girl a normal wedgie until her leg holes are shown. Next unhook the back of her bra then re-hook it through the leg holes. When you're done she'll be getting a wedgie by her own bra. This can also be done from the front, to cause extra pain to her pussy much easier if the bra unhooks at the front. When the victim is sitting in a chair with a back, give the victim a wedgie.

Once the underwear is high enough hook it over the top of the back of the chair.

What is tighty whities?

This can be made worse by putting something heavy in the victim's lap or by tying them to the seat of the chair. This also makes it easier to fondle them if you have their consent to do so. Stand behind your victim and hold onto their underwear, then have someone come up behind you and hold your underwear. Keep up this pattern until everyone who wants to participate is in line.

If you have conga music, play it and when the loudest bump is heard the part where people usually say 'Hey' have everyone wedgie the person whose underwear they're holding.

Tightywhities stories

To be fair and if you have enough people try to form a circle so nobody is left out in the giving or receiving part. Pants the victim, bind their hands, and give them a wedgie. Once their ass is fully exposed, lift them onto a copy machine and start making copies of their butt.

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For added humiliation, put your cock in their exposed bottom, as deep as you can go. A wedgie usually given by more than one person or somebody who is able to lift another person.

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When you give the wedgie, pull the victim onto their tiptoes. They should be able to touch the ground but just barely. Usually done with stretchy underwear, the victim's underwear is attached to a doorknob leg holes wrapped around or waistband hooked over the handle on the side the door opens up to. Put the victim on the opposite side of the door the side the underwear isn't attached to and close the door. When finished you should be inside a room and the victim should be outside in the hallway with their underwear pulled through the closed doorway.

For the best you should be able to lock the door from the inside, then sit back and listen to music, watch TV, or play video games because your victim is stuck until you get bored. If you're ever laid over the shoulder of a person facing their back grab their underwear and give them a wedgie. Most likely they will try to make you stop by bending forward and putting you down. All you have to do is fall back and take their underwear with you. A group wedgie when two or more people grab a victim's underwear and lift them off the ground.

Typically done fast to add to the power of the two people pulling, this makes it a pretty painful wedgie. The victim's underwear is completely soaked in water and frozen.

Atomic wedgie tighty whities gif

Once the underwear is done freezing the victim is wedgied in them until they thaw out. Not so much a type of wedgie but more of a method. This is when there is more than one person wedging the victim at any given time. A gang wedgie can include any type of wedgie Atomic wedgie in tighty whities, atomic, messy, etc as long as there is at least a giver:receiver ratio.

This is one of the most notable wedgies. If you want you can add other wedgies to it such as the "atomic hanging wedgie". When swimming, grab the victim's swimsuit trunks, speedo, bikini bottoms and swim away. The result is them getting pulled by their swimsuit and looking like a jet ski. If you aren't a strong swimmer try running along the side of the pool with the victim's suit making it extremely painful. Be careful you don't slip, the victim most likely won't hesitate to get their hands on your own swimsuit.

When the victim is lying face down on the floor give them a normal wedgie until the leg holes are showing. Next grab their feet and bend their legs back so their feet are by their ass. Finally loop the leg holes over the ankles. If the victim is wearing a belt their underwear will give a constant wedgie, if there is no belt as in they are wearing sweatpants then their legs will pull their underwear back, exposing their butt.

Too make this hard and painful to get out of do it while the victim is wearing shoes or tie their wrist together. The more they kick the worse the wedgie gets. You can also put the victim's arms through the back of their leg holes and tie their wrist back there, this is called a Hogtied Wedgie. The victim is given a wedgie and then bounced, if you can't bounce the victim then just start jumping. Either way the underwear will repeatedly be wedged up the victim's butt. This can be a good technique to use if you plan on giving the victim an atomic wedgie or a shoulder wedgie the bounces stretching the underwear.

You can also strip them and put your cock in their ass or pussy and bounce them. Put any kind of messy foods down the back of the underwear or in their ass such as bananas, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc.

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The pain of the food pushing deep into their ass will add to the wedgie. If you want to be extra devious, put some of it in their pussy too. As the name suggests, this can get very messy with the ingredients and cum running down the victim's legs and onto the floor also splattering all over the place from the weird. Its best that this is done outside, on easily cleaned floors, or with tarps covering the room.

Variation of this can be the:. This is a hanging wedgie but with multiple pairs of underwear on. Get multiple links of rope in different lengths, tie the shortest one to your victim's inner most pair of underwear and the longest one to your most outer pair make the pattern so that the rope gets longer with each pair of underwear that you go out. If done right the victim should be in a hanging wedgie by their inner most pair of underwear all the other pairs just sitting on their body with ropes attached to them.

Tighty whities wedgie porn videos

Once the first pair rips they will fall into the second pair, starting the hanging wedgie all over again. This technique should only be used on people you really hate or if you find someone who really enjoys wedgies. First the victim is pantsed their pants are pulled down to their ankles. When they bend over to pick up their pants you get behind them and wedgie them. To really embarrass them, right before you give the wedgie put your foot on their fallen pants.

This keeps the pants on the floor and you can wedgie them right out of their pants.

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Take off the victim's shirt and bra so you can see those boobs and titties and give them a frontal and normal wedgie.