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SisterSong defines Reproductive Justice as the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.

Asian Sistah Calling

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Saw this over on Jenny Yang's blog WTF indeed. She points us to these crappy, racist Asian Guy Ring Tones for your phone, which was apparently a top sellers on iTunes this week -- because everybody knows that mock Asian accents always make good comedy and profit. For everyone who's ever wanted a stereotypically racist chinky voice blasting from your pocket every time you get a call, there's "Kamikaze," "Buddha Says," "Nunchuk!

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At the Smithsonian May 14, As an antidote for these times, 43 songs honoring joy, sorrow, rage and resistance. People from these communities have experienced alarming vulnerabilities to the pandemic because they are more likely to live in multigenerational families with Asian sistah calling relatives, and they are heavily represented among essential or frontline workers. Concentrated in compromised sectors, such as food and service, many Asian-owned businesses now face severe financial loss and an uncertain future.

In the early months of the pandemic, Asian Americans in San Francisco ed for almost half of the city's Covid deaths. In California and in at least ten other states, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders have died at the highest rates of any racial or ethnic group; nearly one-third of the U. Hate crimes, including murder, physical attacks, property damage and slurs over the past 12 months, have increased by a reported percent. In March, six Asian American women and two others were killed in an Atlanta-area spa by a gunman, who now faces murder and hate crime charges.

Asian sistah calling ringtone

Less than a month later, four members of the Sikh community in Indianapolis were among the eight gunned down in a FedEx warehouse. Powerful work is being done as a host of organizations rise to these challenges, stepping up to make a difference. The Pacific Islander Covid Response Team is a national group of researchers, health experts and community leaders, who are addressing underlying health-care disparities.

Grassroots volunteers working for the San Francisco Peace Collective are patrolling the streets of Chinatown to support and assist residents.

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Equality Labs continues their anti-casteism and anti-racism work through community organizing, research, and Asian sistah calling and digital security training; while Asian Americans Advancing Justice offers bystander intervention training.

Wainright and Benny Yee. Coming of age during the Vietnam War and U. Music carries a special power—to physically and emotionally move us. It connects us to other people and places. Through these tracks, we call up the ancestors, stay present and look to the future. We invite you to explore the diverse ways through which Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders use music for affirmation and consolation, as a call to action and to find their joy.

Beckoning by Warriors of the Rainbow: The playlist's title track was composed by Russel Baba and performed by the jazz-fusion band Warriors of the Rainbow. In this harrowing time when Asian Americans are targets of violence and our women are murdered and remain nameless for days, I see this song and video as a needed statement.

And in the video, I love how they seamlessly weaved tradition with the contemporary, with a passion. Shout out to all those Pacific Islanders at home and in diaspora who continue to make homes out of themselves and all the places in between.

I appreciate this song's infectious energy as a pick-me-up in trying times. And I recently learned that Abdul "Duke" Fakir, the band's only surviving member, is half Bangladeshi and half Ethiopian.

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His father was among the earliest wave of South Asian immigrants who moved to Detroit to work in the automotive factories. Detroit is now home to one of the U. Despite perceived tensions between AAPI and Black communities, family histories like this highlight how our communities have intersected, collaborated and been an inextricable part of each other's stories. Posing in Bondage by Japanese Breakfast: Japanese Breakfast aka Michelle Zauner, a Bryn Mawr alum who studied with the renowned scholar Homay King just published a memoir called Crying in H-Mart about grieving in and through food, and understanding ourselves through taste and memory.

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Her latest single, "Posing in Bondage," extends that world. The video, shot at a Super A grocery near me, captures thwarted connections from our year of isolation, punctured ever so slightly by a taut, wavy noodle offered by another from that familiar styrofoam cup. Space by Audrey Nuna: Audrey Nuna is one of the most exciting emerging artists of the moment. It appeared on a anthology of conscious music assembled by singer and activist Barbara Dane for the label she co-founded with her partner, Irwin Silber.

With equal measures of soulfulness and tenderness, Chris reminds a sleepy child to work for others facing the darkest of times while always being a source of light. Am I Asian or American?

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Are they the same? Are they different? Does it matter? If this is home, why do I Asian sistah calling like a guest? In this current moment, I find myself contemplating the simplicity of youth, and I search for the sounds I listened to as. The song was originally written as a gift for a close friend who just had ; the chorus was written the week of the Sandy Hook shootings.

The desire to hold onto childhood is fairly universal; for transnational adoptees like Lam, this feeling is probably even stronger. This song speaks to this moment in the spring ofat a juncture when anti-Asian violence and the murders of the women in Atlanta have sharpened up a widespread, overdue awareness that Asian American women face longstanding intersectional oppressions.

Today by The Smashing Pumpkins: As a kid, seeing James Iha's face in my favorite band performing on Saturday Night Live completely blew my mind and gave me the confidence to keep pursuing my dreams. Shades of Reason by Marginal Man: This s song of youth yearning sounds today like an anthem for all those longing to leave the past year in the dust.

When I was a teenager, their presence on the stages of local clubs aled to me that the makers of D. That itself was a loud statement. Place in the Country by Fanny: Founded and led by Filipina American sisters June and Jean Millington, Fanny is one of the most important and influential bands in history for their groundbreaking music and rejection of style and expectations of women in rock. Starting with the song title, this speaks to the frustration of having to constantly prove that we belong in this country as Americans.

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Furthermore, this track captures the angst, vigilance and desperation as our community faces increased violence, especially against women and the elderly. Plus, the song is just fire! It represents how we can prevail over these current times as well as focus on the positives of our communities.

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Good Writtens Vol. The song is influenced by American hip-hop, but is Samoan at its core. At the end of the day, music has the power to heal and make change in ways that speech or physical action cannot. It can codify a time period, sonically capturing a moment in human history. Init seemed impossible to find Asian Americans reflected in the media, and the album Broken Speak embodied a fierceness and passion that awakened my own sense of art and community. Never by jennylee: I go to this song and jennylee's Asian sistah calling Right On! By the time "Never" is over it goes on repeat, especially when I need to thinkI am ready for the next thing, whatever that may be, slightly more inspired, slightly more settled with ambiguity, but overall, feeling really good.

This song is more of a feeling and mood I seek from time to time, especially in moments of great uncertainty. They showed incredible versatility in their music, particularly in the album Stereo Type A. They gave me a beacon as an aspiring teen punk rocker.

Asian sistah calling ringtone

Linco-founder, Twitch. She wrote the song for her dog Ollie. That idea made me laugh and appreciate the song even more, thinking about the love and joy that our family dog Diamond has brought our Korean American immigrant family over the past 15 years. Chicken Adobo by Guapdad and! Released during the pandemic, the song not only shares a message of home-cooked, soul-filling love, but also helps raise awareness for chicken adobo, served at family-owned restaurants across the world to a growing multicultural audience.

Dawn by The Mahavishnu Orchestra: This song has no vocals, but the instrumentation expresses how I feel about the current state of Asian Americans in this country. This song has moments of gloom and celebration at the same time. This track sticks with me Asian sistah calling it suggests the challenges of keeping confidence, pace and breath in the face of adversity i.

Covid, systemic racism against Black lives, attacks on Asian Americans. Both Iyer and Oh take beautiful solos before an intense dialogue between all three artists, and then the ending—delicate beauty from these human beings. Feel It Out by Yaeji: This track sounds and feels like this past year—seemingly unperturbed, suffused with uncertainty and instability, tormenting impossibility of catharsis.

Open up in a new way; open up on a Monday! I asked them about it, and they wrote the song as a love letter to themselves—as an ode to the interaction of their introversion, anxiety and transness.

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His infectious rendition compels the listener to ponder on various narratives set by the news. This collection inspired her husband, John Lennon, yet he omitted her conceptual and lyric contributions. Cello Suite No. And I connect because the melody is predictable—so unlike the times in which we live. Yo-Yo Ma expresses a oneness between the music, the instrument and the human being that connects all of it. Appropriately, the song features Hualalai Keohuloa, a canoe builder and fellow musician from the Big Island.

With its references to other parts of Oceania and the importance of genealogy, the song propels us to open our eyes and see what lies on and beyond the horizon. Sorry Song by Brian McKnight: I love this song because it demonstrates cross-cultural engagement between an American artist and Filipino culture. Brian McKnight's singing in Tagalog brings to light how people of different cultures can share, find meaning and highlight that we are not so different. Koh does not shy away from speaking out about issues of racial justice, equality and decolonization in, through and beyond classical music.

Once There Was Only Dark by Patrick Shiroishi: When Patrick Shiroishi recorded this album init was a meditation on the Japanese American incarceration camps where his grandparents met and married, set against the grim new reality of the election. I only knew it sounded like the swells of anxiety I felt in the first months of the pandemic, in a very different kind of confinement: frenetic thoughts over a drone of stillness, stagnation. The Bangladeshi activists I grew Asian sistah calling with would listen to this. On the title track, the voices of Okinawan folk singers, Kazumi Tamaki, Misako Koja and Yoriko Ganeko ring beautifully and monophonically as Sakamoto scats like taiko drums.

For me, the musical collision, that cooperation of generous souls, is just as fresh and giving today and returns me to that place where music is everything and everything is possible. You may as well have been paying attention to all the holes in the road. Redemption Song Bob Marley by Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Kavin, Gurpal Singh: During a time of historical battles caste-oppressed people around the world are leading around caste abolition, this remix is a love letter to our movement from three different Dalit American artists.

Rarely do Dalit artists get included in South Asian or Asian American playlists so we wanted to mix it up with a remix of the peerless Bob Marley whose Black internationalism Asian sistah calling inspired so many movements including Dalit liberation. Boss Lady by Kristina Wong: In I volunteered in post-conflict Northern Uganda with a microloan organization that gave loans to women. Simultaneously, during the month of my trip, I had met local rappers and was recording a rap album with them.

I had scribbled the lyrics into my journal after visiting a village where women, who had survived the Civil War, were learning to read for the first time. It was so incredibly moving to think how women care for communities in invisible ways.

The power of music

Like the images that he captured with his camera, the song evokes the legacy of our community elders as an anchor in our present moment. This is the sound of gratitude, longing and hope. Visit the website to search by ethnicity, genre, role and database of the more than 1, artists spanning a period from the early s to the present.