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Anonymous flowers classy or creepy, Elite lady found Anonymous flowers classy or creepy especially for date

Anonymous flowers can be quite a polarizing topic. Some people find the concept of receiving flowers from a secret admirer to be romantic and endearing.

Anonymous Flowers Classy Or Creepy

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Older generations grew accustomed to sending flowers or chocolates to court their lovers or make amends. Millennials have taken the anonymous-shipping industry to a whole new level with some of the most insane gag gifts on the market. Send any of these presents anonymously to ensure a laugh from your friend or retaliation from an enemy. Anonymous Potato. Instead of tweeting your message, send it loud and clear on a spud in characters or less.

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My sexual preference: Shy guy
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I like to drink: Rum
Smoker: Yes

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married asian Anya

But you don't KNOW who they're from, and you never will. All you know is that someone went out of their way to send you flowers.

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Still not into it? I kind of want to do this Just to make her smile There's nothing more thoughtful than going out of your way just to make someone smile, amirite? If I got flowers, I would want to know who they are from. How do you explain the psychological studies that show that people tend to prefer anonymous gifts because events which are more rare or difficult to explain trigger stronger emotional reactions, and generally result in prolonging the happy feeling induced by receiving a gift? Additionally, how could anyone aware of the above fact justify choosing to make their identity known at the sacrifice of the impact of the gift and, likely, the happiness of the gift receiver?

slutty whore Aliya

Isn't the purpose of sending a girl flowers to make her happy and, if so, why would you choose to make her LESS happy than you could by telling her at least immediately that you sent them? to Your Amirite. Forgot username?

lovely bitch Linda

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lovely lady Estelle

Highest Score First. Even if they're from some 64 year old? Artemis No Way 0 Reply. Anonymous 0 Reply.

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Making the above question a post. There is a middle ground somewhere in there, you know.

cutie latina Hadassah

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Is sending anonymous flowers classy or creepy?

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