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Ann The Travelslut

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I really really would liked to see the unedited footage in its entirety. Plus, I really would have liked to see a full, like, thirty minute interview with everyone discussing things. You did an excellent job draw them out and creating a safe non-judgemental space for them to open up and really share.

Age: 28
Nationality: Welsh
Eye tone: Brilliant hazel eyes
My sex: I'm fem
Hair: Short silky strawberry-blond hair
Body features: My figure type is quite slender
Music: Reggae
Body piercings: None

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And since I cannot videos here I have a Flickr alternative for ing. As I have a namesake and reputation to live up to I'll travel just about anywhere, anytime, anyhow, anyplace, anyway. There is much more about my life and travel adventures but I cannot discuss it here. Message me for links.

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If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. Ann you are definitely one of my favorite friends the sweetest sexiest friend What a hot and wonderful lady. When you visit my hometown, I will be your guide and lover. Ann, you are such a beautiful Lady with a wonderful attitude to life.

Ann the travel slut

I just love your photo's; the glamorous ones, the sexy ones, heck! All of them Ann, your generous spirit in posting your pics from your extensive travels benefits us all. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Love your pics and your randy adventurous spirit and playful nature. Wish I could you on an adventure. You are the spirit of Fantasy Fest and we are lucky to have you for a friend.

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John and Cindy. Imaginative, adventurous, effervescent, and sexy are only a few words that describe Ann The Travel Slut. In fact, I looked up FUN in the dictionary and it had your picture.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It's on my "Big List" of things do Thank you for sharing your "Ann-tics" You make ha…. Great lady that you like the ways she live because she is natural ,beautiful and full of life. I hope to you pretty lady all the best and please be happy and natural always as you do now. I like your profile. So many excellent pictures from around the world. It's really a joy to explore your Sets. I haven't checked my contacts in a while, so I'm catching up. Going back and looking at your photos, I have to say, I'd have never considered Oregon as a travel destination until now.

It looks beautiful. You know, Travel Slut's photos are about fun, but she's also like a travel agent promoting the places she's been.

Your travel pix

Thanks for sharing, Travel Slut! Also have to give a shoutout to the gingers of the world. Been married to a redhead for 21 years. Once you've had red, you'll never be bored! Ok, it doesn't rhyme, but it's the truth. Ann is so much fun, I love the places she goes and really want to meet her in person some day!

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Es un placer tenerte como amiga!!! Te dejo mi msn: tavow hotmail. Ann has got to be the most fun loving person i have ever seen I've seen the Travel Slut on Yahoo groups, and on Flickr, and i'm so honoured to be a 'contact with her. I hope she visits Australia, again, and soon. You are so beautiful, smart, sexy and sweet You have so many wonderful, fun, and sexy pics Love seeing all the places you been It really adds to an enjoyable site Your friend Bob Very nice person.

We love your photo's and your adventures. Hope to see you in Pattaya, Thailand next year. Happy traveling, Mrs. Ahh, Ann, The Travel Slut!

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I have said this before but what better way than to make it a testimonial. You are really a special gal, pretty damn savy to start with and after brousing thru your photostream I am convinced are one in a million. Great attitude toward living life to the fullest and making like minded fr…. Great attitude toward living life to the fullest and making like minded friends. Oh yes, by the way you look pretty hot and sexy with your big smile and nearly nude shots.

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I hope they don't wear you out at Hedd III. Of course you will do what you damn well please anyway. Love Ya, Russty. Seriously, you have a great motto Ann. Thanks for add Lars. Live Life Love Life Always Be YOU!!!

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Give more LOVE than you have ever known possible Hugs, xxx. I am honored to be a Flickr friend of The Travel Slut. I love her adventures.

Thetravelslut | ann | travel blog

If you want an adventure she's a great person to consult. I also am thankful for the add you seem pretty kool to know. Iook forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for adding us Ann. We are always looking for friends who enjoy the same things we do as travel companions and friends. It looks like you have a rich network of people who are looking for the same too.

And, of course, we hope to get together with you on one of your trips.

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Irene and Scott. Thanks for adding me as your friend, dear Ann. AnnieCougarMilf Follow.

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ed Save Cancel Drag to set position! Message me for links Having fun, doing all those things I've always wanted to do, are my passion now. I trip, therefore I am. Life is a gift Life is an adventure Life is mystery Life is a game Life is a struggle Life is a beauty Life is a puzzle Life is opportunity Life is sorrowful Life is a song Life is a goal Life is a mission Life is a love