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Giant monsters attacking cities is a pretty common science fiction or horror scenario in Japanese media. The reason being possibly that since people live pretty close together, the idea of a giant monster coming and wreaking havoc is particularly scary and destructive.

Anime With Giant Monsters

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Monsters are fantastical creatures that appear in a wide variety of genres. They're classifed most easily by what they aren't; Vampiresyoukai and a variety of other characters are separate. Monsters can be cute and cuddly sidekicks, scary beasts or anything in between, as long as they are fantastical, not found in nature, and don't fit another character classification. Although Yuji Itadori looks like your average teenager, his immense physical strength is something to behold! Every sports club wants him tobut Itadori would rather hang out with the school outcasts in the Occult Research Club.

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Monsters one of the most popular fictional creatures. Most often they are portrayed as grotesque looking creatures who need a good whopping and finally some slaying. Their scary and mysterious qualities make them quite popular among children and adults alike.

Filmmakers of all kinds have utilized monsters as tools in their story. In the anime world, almost all fantasy anime have some type of monster in them. They are mostly evil in nature but at times they can be friendly too. You can watch several of these best monster anime on CrunchyrollHulu or Netflix. The list includes anime girl monsters. Some of these anime monsters even have tentacles. This is because it is one of the best anime that has come out recently.

The anime has lots of monsters who seem very strong. Some can even destroy entire cities and even planets. It is fun to see Saitama disintegrate these monsters with just a single punch. For people who have no idea about this anime, Earth has lots of heroes who work for the hero organization.

8 anime series featuring kaiju giant monsters

Saitama always wanted to be a hero and he trained so hard that he is really powerful so much so that he can literally explode monsters into pieces by a single punch. But even after that, his rank is C which is below his self-proclaimed disciple, Genos. : Best Anime Dragons. Hunters are people who possess a high amount of skill and people hire them for performing specific jobs.

This profession is filled with danger but is highly respected and can make the Hunter quite rich. Gon wants to follow in the footsteps of his dad and become a hunter himself. In this fun journey, he meets certain individuals who become close to him and support him. Onna Shinkan is a young priestess.

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She is a fresh adventurer and has the porcelain rank which is the lowest of all the adventurer ranks. She decides to start her own journey and gathers a bunch of people to go with her. But soon her entire team falls in trouble when a bunch of goblins attacks them. This happens in the very first episode. The scenes of this episode are quite horrific as one of the girls in the group is captured and raped by the goblins while Onna has to flee. Fortunately, the Goblin Slayer comes and saves them.

Monsters anime

He is a man who has vowed to exterminate all goblins. Soon, his reputation increases so do his troubles. If you have been wanting to see something fresh and fun in the isekai genre of anime then I have good news for you. The premise of this anime was really interesting and fun.

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The characters are great and keep you hooked to the plot. Satouri Mikami is a normal year-old man. One day a passing robber ends up killing him. But instead of life after death where a soul must enter heaven or hell, he gets something much better. He is now a slime monster by the name of Rimuru Tempest in a fantasy magic world. His form is literally that of slime and he possesses unique abilities which make him powerful.

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him on his adventure in a fantasy world. It is a show which has a wide variety of colorful monsters each having unique abilities. Some of these monsters are cute Pikachu while others are huge and frightening. This is a great show for kids and young adults as it inspires them not to stop. No matter what the obstacle is you just need to work hard and overcome it.

Ash is the protagonist of this anime who along with his best friend Pikachu goes on adventures to fight in tournaments to collect badges from gym leaders. He is ed by his teammates Misty and Brock who specialize in water and rock type pokemon respectively.

The recurring antagonist of this anime is Team Rocket who are a bunch of eccentric individuals who have flashy entrance and embarrassing exit.

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One of the most terrifying monsters that I have seen in anime is Bahamut. I mean this beast is enormous and scary. Its powers are similar to the Gods. Hundreds and thousands of years ago this terrifying monster was responsible for the destruction of the lands of Mistarcia.

Mistarcia was a place where Gods and demons coexisted with humans. Fearing that the existence of the world was at stake all the three factions did their best to seal this powerful beast. The key was divided into three parts and distributed among the three factions to safeguard peace. Now, it seems that a similar fate is about to befall again. Favaro Leone is an easy-going bounty hunter who cares only about himself. He is on the run from Kaiser Lidfard, a fellow bounty hunter swore revenge upon Favaro.

Teens are obsessed with this japanese anime series about giant cannibal monsters

Favaro soon encounters Amira a girl who has half of the key and his life takes a drastic turn towards more serious stuff regarding the safety of the entire world. Mecha anime need big badass monster otherwise whose but will those huge robots with teenage pilots kick. Our only chance of survival are the Mechas known as Evangelion which are a product of the organization Nerv who try their best to protect Earth from any harm. Gendou Ikari is the leader of this organization. Shinji Ikari is an average kid with no real aim in life.

He has no sense of self-worth or purpose. Then he finds himself whisked away into this organization. As he works with his teammates and becomes the pilot of Evangelion Unit he learns what his purpose in life is. : Best Samurai Anime. This anime is on this list to give some fun to people who love ecchi anime. The anime is just meant for some sexy fun. Monsters and humans exist in the same world. Japan is a progressive country and becomes the first of its kind to let monsters coexist with humans.

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These monsters are human-animal hybrids. Humans are allowed to be the guest host of one monster and let them accustom to human society. Kimihito Kurusu suddenly finds himself guest hosting a snake woman by the name of Miia when a government agent makes a mistake. As the series progresses he finds himself hosting more sexy monster girls who lust over him. But there are strict rules against a sexual relationship with a monster.

Anime with giant monsters?

There are a total of episodes in this anime with each episode being 23 minutes in length. The anime is fairly popular among kids and so are the card games. The Millenium Puzzle is the prize that one wishes to achieve while engaging in Duel Monsters. Legend has it that if one can decipher the Puzzle then they will have one wish. Yuugi Mutou is a high school student who ends up solving this puzzle. This gives him an alter ego which only appears when Yuugi is in dire need. To understand the secrets behind this mysterious spirit they engage in various Duel Monster matches.

: Best Anime Animals. An organization by the name of Hellsing is responsible to protect the society from such threat.

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But despite having a large army of humans her best weapon against such threats is a vampire by the name of Alucard loves nothing more than killing these monsters. He is sent to a nearby village where a vampire is turning humans into zombies. Alucard takes care of the threat and neutralizes the enemy but the fight ends up injuring a young policewoman.

Alucard gives her two choice- die as a human or live as a vampire. She chooses the latter option and becomes the vampire servant of Alucard. : Best Sports Anime.

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Humanity is very close to extinction thanks to the appearance of Aragami, huge monsters who consume everything in their path. They kill and eat humans.