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tight females Leyla

It's fashionable. I like my pants up to my chin.

I personally find it attractive when a boy sags his jeans somewhat. Just for some reason. I'm not talking about the extreme sagging, where guys have their jeans basically at their knees - that just deceives the purpose of pants. There is probably at least 1 bug in your room.

Anime pants

It bugs me to extremes. Why would anyone want to have their pants falling and their underwear showing? Screw that, let's shoot the damn thing! I don't see the point of having your underwear hanging out and your pants half off. Get a belt, love.

horney cunt Sarai

For any of us that wear the currently fashionable "slim" pants, or especially "skinny" pants, you pretty much have to wear them a little below your waist if you don't want them to perfectly shape your behind, which most guys don't appreciate. Doesn't have to be noticeably saggy though, just enough to make the pants go sort of flat around your ass. Hope that makes sense, haha.

sluts miss Maleah

Where it's noticeably saggy though, or there is underwear showing, or, worst of all, the sagginess impedes upon having proper walking technique, pull your pants up. LoneWolf said: Josh makes me sad to call myself Canadian. If it's sagging a bit because it's loose, then there's no helping it, short of getting a belt. Other than that, seeing people do it on purpose with sagging jeans hanging off their ass is stupid.

married ladies Gloria

Completely and utterly stupid. I thought it was bad enough when people did it a few years back with those ridiculously baggy jeans, it got worse when people do it nowadays with fitted jeans and the like. If you are an adult and you can't wear your own pants properly, I feel sorry for you. That's just way I see it. It looks ridiculously stupid. I do it because if you have it to tight it just hurts your balls.

Sagging all day long with my purple jeans. It's not a respectable type of fashion for me. It makes people look less respectable I'm going in Anime guy pants. I don't know if it's true or not,but I heard people saying that sagging is a prison thing to show that you're Even when competing with Attack on Titan. It Anime guy pants people look like douchebags. I'm not big into sagging my pants really low but hiking them too high makes my ass look huge.

Kill it, kill it with fire. They have yet to have established a sense of responsibility or role in society and many are plain leeches with minor exceptions. They are given "authority" to police sections of the internet with the powers of The Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Isn't that weird? Logged in to laugh at elections. I don't understand the appeal, and I'm sure my boss would have words if I decided too try it. Which I can understand, I certainly would be skeptical of employing anyone who could not understand the simple process of dressing themselves properly.

I know dem belts are damn hard to put on Ive never understood how showing the world your boxers can be a fashion statement. Put a belt on moron. I think some people like it because it subconciously makes you look like you have a longer upperbody. If your pants are a little loose then that's perfectly fine.

I like a little bit of looseness, but having them hang off your ass is utterly idiotic. You do realise that sagging pants is a prison trend suggesting sexual availability, right? I don't mind if they're a little saggy, that can be sexy, but on the whole I prefer it when guys wear their pants properly. For some reason I often find guys who wear funky belts to be attractive.

Curve! red anime guy pants khaki bow school

It irritates me when a guy wears his pants really low with a belt done up very loosely. Allecto said Dalek-baka said: Allecto said Dat moment when you go out without your belt and hold your pants up all the time I hate it xD. Between my holster, knife clip and all the shit I keep in my pockets, my pants would fall off every 3 steps if I sagged my pants. Not to mention how ridiculous you look doing so. Think a little bit about your balls.

When I get finished laughing at how it just looks like their too stupid to dress properly, I then realize, poor worthless slaves to fashion trends, they have no personality unless they are following Anime guy pants herd. But then again, remember, there are no shortage of girls doing the holes all over their jeans. What's so appealing about looking like you can't afford new clothes.

lovely gal Abby

Is the extreme poverty look supposed to make you look cool? While not technically anime, currently I am a big fan of Hatsune Miku.

naughty escorts Esme

At least I can go see her in concert. Only when I forget to wear a belt. Confucius said: If you are an adult and you can't wear your own pants properly, I feel sorry for you. Oh god I was in Meijer with my brother a couple of days ago and there was this teenager who had his pants all the way down past his ankles with just his underwear showing. My brother goes did you see that guy?

Sagging pants

I had to go back and take a second look because I wasn't sure what I saw seeing and just laugh. I don't mind a little sagging but he just looked ridiculous. Nope, I like mens trousers to fit properly, not tight but that fine, but defiantly NOT baggy, and especially no underwear showing.

That shit is stupid and a real turn off. Though to be fair, men in general are a turn off for me. People who sag are getting ready for prison.

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Chill out, you sound like a bunch of assholes. I can't seem to take those saggy-pant fellows seriously.

horny singles Olivia

More often than not they are either wannabe thugs, douche bags, or a combination of both. Sagging pants are convenient in that they make it obvious as to who isn't intelligent enough as to be worthy of being conversed with. Sephiex said: Sagging pants are convenient in that they make it obvious as to who isn't intelligent enough as to be worthy of being conversed with. I wear my pants down a little bit below my waist, because that's where I find them to be most comfortable.

And yes, too far down just looks ridiculous. This crap started right around when I got out of high school with guys wearing just below the hip bone. We'd joke that one day they'd have them around their ankles, and so far it's already gotten to the knees. Looks just as stupid as guys in 'skinny' jeans

naughty personals Allie