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So who better to tidy up an insane first season than the sexy resident maid, Alexandra Breckenridge? Playing the youthful version of Moira the housekeeper her more mature incarnation is played by Frances ConroyBreckenridge talks her obscene work uniform, music that gets her in the mood and the stunt that sent her screaming.

American Horror Story Moira Hot

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When American Horror Story premiered with Murder Houseit put a huge twist on the haunted house story.

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The series took the typical scares and drama that come with the subgenre and added new rules surrounding the ghosts involved. Some of these changes include the spirits physically interacting with the humans and how dying on a particular property guarantees a person's spirit will remain on the premises.

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In addition, the house's maid, Moira, has her own ability that not only changes her appearance but also reveals a person's true nature. Moira O' Hara was the Langdon family's maid while they lived in the house in the '80s.

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During her time in the house, she felt lonely and had an affair with Constance's husband. But when she tried to call it off with him, he assaulted her. Seeing this and believing the act was consensual, Constance killed her husband and Moira by shooting her in the eye. Moira remained in the house as a spirit but aged with it rather than remaining as she looked in the '80s.

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While she has the appearance of an older woman during Murder Housethose that objectify her see Moira as the young woman in her twenties before she died. Moira uses this ability to see people's true intentions. Ben Harmon is a great example of this as he has already been unfaithful to his wife in the past.

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The younger Moira uses her appearance to try and seduce him, but his constant rebuttals eventually lead to him seeing her true form. Typically, the younger Moira will seduce and manipulate men who see her as a way to exploit their malicious nature. She is mischievous and actively contradicts the nature of her true form, which is far more benevolent.

For the most part, Moira is a kind spirit to those that return her kindness.

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Vivien Harmon proves this time and again as the two form a friendship. Moira admires Vivien's resolve during her difficult marriage.

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She even tries to get Vivien and her family out of the house before tragedy befalls them. While the family, sadly, never makes it out of the house alive, the Harmons still consider Moira part of the family.

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However, Moira only feels animosity toward her killer, Constance, and the two constantly butt he with one another. This gets even more heated once Constance dies in the house, leaving her with Moira for eternity. While Moira's powers work on most men, others never see her younger self because they are faithfully in love with somebody else. The same applies to Larry Harvey, who, even with his own faults, never felt attracted to Moira because his heart belonged to her enemy, Constance.

There is no explanation of how Moira obtained these abilities, though it may be because her death came as a result of a man who only saw her as an object. Now, she serves as a mirror, showing people their desires as they fail to see the personality behind the body and let their lust take over.

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Moira represents the heart of the house and the hope that resides within it. Thanks to her ability, she shows people that they can still change and be better than before because, deep down, she isn't a monster, just like some of the other unlucky souls trapped in the Murder House.

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