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It aired on Fox in the United States on May 8, This episode mainly centers around the couple of Stan and Francinewhom become divided over the architectural style wanted for the renovation of their kitchen. Greg and Terry, the Smiths' gay neighbors, intervene in the situation.

American Dad Gay Scene

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There are plenty of adult cartoon shows to go around. Some, like The Simpsonstake a more subtle approach to making us laugh, making good use of refined humor. Others, like South Parkare just outright offensive and shocking most of the time. And then we have American Dad!

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slut latina Ivy

Come on, bring it in! I'm trying to find the uncensored version of my favourite episode.

lonely bitch Eve

My friends all love the episode I introduced them to ADbut they haven't seen it in it's full glory. It's 'I Am The Walrus', by the way. I could only find the sex scene uncensored but not the full episode.

slut woman Emerson

I must admit this is the first time I saw that scene as it was supposed to be I'm speechless like Steve. I know the one. Where Stan makes sure Steve walks in on him and Francine having sex? There were some graphic sex noises in that scene, I was taken aback the first time I saw that version.

Family guy, american dad and the cleveland show all have had their ultra-gay moments

Omg I remember when this aired and I was no way there will be a seventh, and here we are a few years after the eighth and coming a ninth. I can't get over the parody Tokyo Drift song in the background lol.

Found the internet! I've long searched for the unedited version of 'Furious 7', still looking for the hardcore sex.

pretty ladies Wynter

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talent milf Avayah

Check the French version. France gets everything. More posts from the americandad community. Good morning USA! Created Feb 11, Top posts may 23rd Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.