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Bad Dragon has really made a name for themselves in the fantasy sex toy niche. A niche that has recently grown in popularity to a point where it is no longer reserved for furries alone. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Alternatives To Bad Dragon

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Bad- Dragon is the online website that offers varieties of dildos, sex toys, adult accessories, masturbators and more to fulfill your fantasy with a unique shipping alternative. LELO is the site that offers exclusive items including extravagant massage candles, astounding sex Bad Dragon is an award-winning US-based manufacturer of adult sex toys. The company was founded in with the aims of offerings customers with new and unique sex toys. The company aims to provide its customers with a large selection of fantasy sex toys that are available in different shapes and sizes. The company believes in innovation and is constantly pushing itself to come up with newer des that are more efficient than the existent ones.

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Are you looking for Bad Dragon alternatives to meet your fantasy sex toy needs? One that lives up to high quality standards, timely delivery, and hits your price point? From Tentacles to Dragon dildos to Mermaids, there are a whole world of alternatives that await you.

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Dragon dildos are just the tip of the iceberg. Huge sizes. Great customization. FAST delivery - even on customized orders.

The best high quality dragon dildo at the lowest cost. No customization other than two color options.

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Pre-made but hand-made : fast delivery. Great dual-density selection. Gorgeous colors. Phallic-shaped options with fantasy textures. Pre-made toys from popular series. Flat shipping rate to anywhere in the world. Exact silicone softness listed for each toy.

Enter a world of fantasy dildos

Affordable alternative. Great entry point into fantasy toy world. Many penis-shaped, average-size toys with unique fantasy textures. Incredible level of customization. Affordable customization for smaller sizes. Choose softness of both layers of dual-density toys. Beautiful color palette. Simply stated: Bad Dragon sells fantasy sex toys.

Bad dragon alternatives

From dildos to masturbators to general adult accessories, Bad Dragon specializes in sex toys based on fantastic creaturers. Award-winning, quality, creativity, customizability… sounds great, right? So why is there a growing market interest in Bad Dragon Alternatives? The alternative dragon dildo market is mostly driven by two factors: 1 affordability and 2 delivery speed.

For those on a budget, Bad Dragon dildos might be out of your price range. As the leading fantasy dildo company, Bad Dragon recieves a lot of orders. As a small company, it can be tough to keep up with the demand of all their customers!

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A ton of people want the intense sizes and textures of a dragon dildo! Fortunately, there are other lesser known companies who make top-quality fantasy dildos. Some users even cite waiting up to five months to receive their Bad Dragon dildo. Enter the alternatives! After all, they are leading the fantasy dildo industry for a reason. But, if you are on a budget or in a hurry to receive your new dragon dildo, there are a variety of excellent alternatives to Bad Dragon dildos. Many companies have ed Bad Dragon in the market for fantasy sex toys to offer high quality, customized dragon dildos too!

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First things first—do you have a particular fantasy you are dreaming of? Dragons dildos?

Best bad dragon alternatives

The breadth of fantasy dildos you encounter might surprise you! There are a whole bunch of alternatives!

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Who are all these people buying dragon dildos? Well after entering the world of fantasy dildos — I totally get the appeal of a dragon dildo.

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Craving intense vaginal or anal stimulation? Fantasy dildos can have protruding veins, jagged edges, round suckers, spikes, tumbling waves, divots, and more—much different than the stimulation from a smooth dildo modeled after a human penis. A tentacle dildo ends in a sharper point, which can provide more pointed pressure on the cervix, G-spot, or P-spot. Or the pronounced veins and sharp spikes of a dragon dildo can provide more intense and varied texture than a realistic dildo. Just look at how different the texture is all the way around this dragon dildo from Mr.

Many dragon dildos come larger than realistic dildos—and you can go waaay extreme if you want. A large dragon dildo can provide far greater fullness than the traditional dildo.

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Also a lot of people simply have a mental block about riding a toy that looks a whole lot like a human penis — and yet is not attached to a human. Still more dildo options: You may want to search for a toy with a cum tube a long hollow tube running through the center of the toy that lubricates the toy or simulates an ejaculation. If you want to receive your sex toy as quickly as possible, explore companies with pre-made dildo des or buy from Mr.

Hankeys who can get customized orders out fast.

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These pre-made alternatives are the result of endless hours experimenting with color, shape, de, and fantasies. After listening to customer feedback, the final product is one they know a ton of people enjoy! And they have truly beautiful colors and unique features like this pre-made Uberrime dildo with swirling ridges and marbled tones.

But if you want control over every feature of your toy, fantasy dildo creators have you covered! Some sex toy creators like Lust Arts even let you select the firmness of each layer of silicone!

Enter fantasticcocks! (or allow them to…)

But customizing dildos usually comes with increased prices and wait times. Dragon dildos tend to run large! Even if you typically prefer length and girth in your dildos, you may want to consider ordering a medium or even a small size in a fantasy dildo. But if you want to try a dragon dildo the size of a human torso you can do it! As your dragon dildo gets larger, the price tag will go up quite a bit. Since fantasy dildos are often large with crazy textures — you may need some softness to make the ride more comfortable.

Many dragon dildo creators will let you customize the silicone density to your exact preference. Check out Mr. Your body will thank you. Take a look at this graphic which shows the softness of some common materials.

For instance a gummy bear is Shore Mr Hankeys specializes in BIG. Even their smallest size dildos are large for most people!

Just their Xtra-Small is average sized. If you love Bad Dragon dildos for the size of their sex toys, Mr. People love their soft and squishy material—making even the largest dildos pleasant. The firmer option can be a bit too unforgiving with such a large dragon dildo. You can also customize your toy even firmer or softer at an additional cost. Add a hole for a Vac-U-Hole to your dragon dildo to fix it to a suction cup or a sex machine.

Bad dragon

They also sell large O-rings that are compatible with their huge sizes. Even a customized dragon dildo order is typically made the next dayand shipped the day after that! That is really fast for a toy that has to be manufactured to your exact wants. Their base-price actually begins more expensive than Bad Dragon dildos.

Not to mention the added fees associated with increased sizes and customization.

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