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Last Updated: July 02, This curated picture gallery will showcase a of the sexiest AJ Leepictures that can make you fall in love together with her.

Aj Lee Hot Pictures

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Since then she has captivated viewers with not only her great looks, but her great in ring ability.

Age: 34
Iris tone: Soft hazel
What is my hair: Strawberry-blond
What I like to drink: White wine
Music: Pop

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Still so young in her early 30s, fans are hoping a WWE return takes place at some point, especially now with CM Punk back in the mix. Enjoy the article folks.

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Prior to ing WWE, Lee earned her stripes out on the indie scene. It was for a two year time period, as the former Divas Champion ed promotions like Women Superstars Uncensored. The world of pro wrestling can be a weird place at times. Take this throwback picture as an example, featuring Lee in a bikini top inside of the ring while doing the limbo out of all things A lot of her WWE romances were strictly on camera.

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The two shared a relationship prior to Lee ing WWE. We can say things got serious with photos of the two on vacation. She rarely made mistakes in the ring, though this moment she just could not prevent.

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As she was going on with the match, up went her shirt exposing her bra underneath. We assume fans dropped off their seats when the moment took place. Nonetheless, AJ remains in phenomenal shape.

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The picture above is an example, Lee posted a video of her pull-ups most recently. Given her steamy leggings, Punk might be a little irritated by ours jaws dropping to the ground. Now that is a loyal dude and a respectable fan.

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The fan took to Twitter voicing his displeasure. Like inside of the ring, Lee is fearless in the weight room.

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She readies herself for a squat and she has some serious weight on the bar. Squatting with proper form is no joke. Lee recently posted this pic to IG. Nonetheless, Lee had a very inspirational message with the picture via IG. Had to take a fitness break because my energy levels were low during a really long depressive cycle.

My battery gets zapped and I need to recharge in a comforting cocoon of chocolate, carbs, and alone time.

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That CM Punk is one lucky dude. This was one of them, as Lee and Cena worked a storyline together, which would also include a steamy makeout session in the middle of the ring.

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Thankfully for Punk, it was all part of the show She had other steamy moments as well, this one alongside Daniel Bryan. She has the short shorts on, who knows if this ensemble would pass on the current WWE program — probably considering things appear to be getting edgier in the recent weeks.

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Her attire was definitely noteworthy time and time again. We hope to see a return of sorts down the line, rocking this attire once again. We can just imagine how irritated Punk must be deep down.

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There are a plethora of photos online, including the one above. These are some seriously steamy photos — must be really awkward for Punk Now the pair have gone their separate ways.

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