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After not posting here for quite a while OK, I was discouraged by the lack of comments I am newly inspired.

Adult Theater Blog

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My good friends Jean and Scott will be the commish and commishette for the Lizardo Journal Fantasy Football Leagueand they are looking for Journal readers and contributors to have first dibs at ing. As the world tries real hard to get back on it's feet, there is a naughty girl in Canada who tries real hard to get on her knees.

And who is that naughty girl? Why, it's my good friend and international woman of mystery, pennycumslut!

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Pop open a Canada Dry Hi Penny! The past year and a half has been tough on all of us, and shaking off the rust as we carefully jump back into this thing of ours is part of the process.

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Hell, it took me three tries to get my lab coat on straight when we restarted Lizardo events in Chicago. It was to be expected. It is here where we pick up the story of our heroes Please pop open an ice cold Fresca which is never seen in aisle 4, and hi Gemini!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Jean and I have made our return to " this thing of ours " and ventured out for some adult fun that we thought we'd share with the Journal. We've been preoccupied lately, but finally had a free Saturday and felt it was time to get back out there. I mean, dicks aren't gonna suck themselves, right? In fact, I'm pretty sure trying can result in horrific neck injuries.

So, we set out to let Jean save some men from themselves. A hero comes in many forms. Here's How! The game is in the park only. I promise I will make it worthwhile and fun. Just walk up to me and ask "Barbi can I have a ticket please? The ticket has all the info for the Bad Adult theater blog ride for later. I will not have a costume on, but it will be hard to find me because of the crowds. Groups encouraged. Here are some hints: I love rides. I might even ask you to ride with me but don't ask.

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Get the fast pass. Plan on it being a late night.

The redlight theater

The Bad Barbi ride gates open at around am. Everyone is saying this will be hard! Like I say it always should be hard. I will give 2 hints that night on my Twitter for you to find me pay attention. Posted by Dr. Adult Theater Party Room! Hosted by Doc! This summary is not available. Monday, September 20, This Saturday Night!

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September 25th, ! Adult Theater in Chicago! Fetlife Event Announcement! YouTube Preview Video!

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Party Room! Adult Theater's Party RoomN. This event is always a great one, with sexy animal prints being the call of the wild for the lady's outfits! Need an example? I got you Courtesy of the awesome HDCouple69 Here are your rules of the road for the party:. Time: 8pm til 1am Dress Code: Ladies sexy in animal prints or dress to impress.

Guys: Dress to impress. Here is what they look like:.

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Thursday, September 9, This Saturday Night! Secret Room Disco Inferno at the 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party Room in Chicago! Tuesday, August 24, This Saturday Night! Saturday August 28th, ! Party Room in Chicago!

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Great Prizes for place! Unlimited Seating! This is a Party Room Only Event. Masks Required to Enter. Temperatures will be taken at the door. More Info: www. Sunday, August 15, This Saturday! We're giving first preference to those who contribute to the Journal and big fans but will open it up after like a week. Feel free to DM with interest. Apologies if we're slow to reply, our DMs are a mess.

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Looking forward to a fun season on this field of ours! Doc here again Spots are limited. Couple's Flash Report! It'd been too long and with covid, quarantines, isolation and other stuff I almost felt like I'd disappeared from the theater scene.

Or that it had faded away into the abyss of things that once had been. But of course it wasn't true and as soon Adult theater blog I heard I had a business trip coming up and would finally be in a new city I started right in on my old habits of seeing what was sexy in Alberta, Canada. I quickly learned that although there didn't seem to be a lot going on in Calgary, Edmonton had a few hot spots that looked worthwhile to check out.

My guy was travelling with me, and we decided we would try to check out a bathhouse in Edmonton as well as an adult book store with gloryhole booths. It turned out the bathhouse was a bust so I can't speak for it but don't expect a shy girl looking to be devoured by a horde of hungry men to stand around in the lobby of such a place and ring the bell with no response and no s of any human life for more than say We pulled up to TS just after 7pm on a Monday night.

There were a good bunch of cars in the parking lot.

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The store has parking right in front of it, and neighboring businesses on both sides. We walked in and did a little walk through of the store - the typical racks of porn, a few guys browsing Adult theater blog a bit of attention from one or two men who followed us right away.

If you're me, if you're inside a theater, if the guys know what it's all about. Being followed inside a store just feels pushy and uncomfortable - pro tip here: don't do it, or at least don't be obvious about it. We decided to just pay for tokens and check the scene inside. I wasn't really clear on what we wound up spending but he said, "42 minutes should be good". TS has two doorways to the "peeps". The first area we checked out was the yellow door and it was the no loitering area. Two rows of doors and not much going on.

I asked L if we could check the other area We backed out the door almost running into some guys and made our way to the green door - which was ajar - and they call this the social area. Immediately inside the door is a small room with rows of cheap chairs, a couple guys sitting on them, fairly bright lights and a TV on the wall. There was no indication that play was happening in this area so we stepped into the hallway of booths.

There seemed to be quite a bit of action, guys wandering the hall. Usually when I visit a new place I like Adult theater blog walk through the whole thing and get the lay of the land; this time we felt a bit rushed and pushed into a room so we went maybe three doors in and stepped into a booth.

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The booths in their social area have a u-shaped hallway and gloryholes that go through to the other side so - instead of hopping into a booth beside the action you'd have to go down the hallway and around to find the corresponding booth on the other side which is different than I'd seen before. The booth we stepped into was small, with a single chair, hooks on the wall for your stuff, a box of Kleenex and a trash can for clean-up time, a nice looking arcade screen, and a gloryhole.

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We were able to pick fairly good porn so that was a bonus : gloryhole bukkake stuff seemed to fit the mood. It was only a minute later that the first cock was suddenly peeking through the hole. I felt a little nervous as I glanced up at L; suddenly flashing back to how good girls don't On my knees on the hard floor I placed my hands against the wall and leaned in to taste it. The first dick of a night always feels special and intimidating; after that it blurs and becomes a mess of cum and a heady hepace that takes me away