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During the fall ofan idea was born How's about opening a sex-positive sex toy store in Milwaukee with a comfortable atmosphere?

Adult Store Madison Wi

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Over the past few decades, sexual fetishes and fantasies have come out of the shadows. People into what used to be shameful kinks have opened up about their adventures. And retailers are ready, willing and able to assist. Sex-themed stores have also become more open. The longstanding adult entertainment venue made the name change late last year.

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Livingston St. The store is the opposite of the sleazy adult shop paradigm.

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Tranquil music plays as customers ask questions and mill around tasteful displays of massage oils, butt plugs and lingerie. Shelves of working vibrators, dildos and opened packages of condoms are displayed so customers have a chance to gauge the weight, intensity and feel of products. Everything is meticulously labeled, with helpful charts and anatomy diagrams in abundance.

Mixing education with pleasure, one sex toy at a time

The shop makes sure to emphasize safety and consent in sexual practices, Barnard said. Products are selected based on an internal matrix of practicality, reputation and affordability for the average consumer. Some products like numbing creams, edible panties and metal cock rings are not carried because they are potentially very dangerous. To Barnard, who holds a masters of science in social work, the shop is both a community resource about sexual practices as well as a place of business.

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Hump Day tackles using toys with partners, myths of premature ejaculation, those penis s around campus Hey Hump Day readers! So many questions, so little time.

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How exactly are Read…. According to Barnard, the most common questions among young women revolve around how to achieve orgasm or how to avoid pain during sex. There is no shortage of questions for employees, and Wilhite is available to answer legitimate medical questions about sexual health needs.

What’s in a name?

While it may feel awkward to explain your needs to a stranger, these employees are experts. While historians have Read….

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But the sexual education does not stop there. Currently, these two sexperts are completing professional webinars for health care providers. Share Tweet This article was published Jul 22, at pm and last updated Aug 3, at am. Tags: A women's touch madisonSex storeSex store madisonSex toys.

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