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Cass is one of the companions the player can recruit in Fallout: New Vegas.

At its QuakeCon expo back in July, Bethesda Softworks announced some new details about Fallout 4the upcoming entry in its long-running post-apocalyptic series.

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Fallout is a series with little respect for the human animal and its romantic needs, and its ature disdain for sentiment has manifested itself in every installment since its debut in More so than any other game in the series, the first Fallout is a story about survival. Fallout is a world where survival comes first, and love a very, very distant second. In between the two, unavoidably, is sex.

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After all, no game with a worldview as jaded as Fallout could go for long without presenting an array of characters mostly female, since was pretty early in the rise of progressive sexual representation in game de with whom players can buy or flirt their way into bed.

Was it good for you? Fallout 2 is notorious for the way it took a game that was a serious look at a post-apocalyptic world—albeit one laced with a vein of gallows humor and science fiction—and transformed it into a full-blown satire.

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Hints about the moral weaknesses of the pre-war government become the genocidal Enclave. The dystopian environment of the Vaults became the of sinister experimentation by the smiling executives at Vault-Tec. Avellone is on the record as being opposed to traditional video game romancesand as a result, New Reno is jam-packed with those saucy, inconsequential fades to black; the player is presented with prostitutes, groupies, and even the opportunity to make some money working as a star in adult films.

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The player can flirt with her, impress her, and ultimately seduce her through the proper use of dialogue. The result? A fade to black and some revealing information about life with her husband.

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The reveal of her softer side would almost qualify the subplot as a sincere, if truncated, stab at romance, if not for two things: the clarity with which Mrs. Bishop establishes that she sees the player as little more than a piece of meat for her sexual gratification, and the fact that her bed is the easiest path to assassinating her husband without bringing his troops down on your head.

Bishop loves his wife in his own way.

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His rival crime lord, Mr. As it happens, Fallout 2 is the only game in the series—to date—that allows players to get married. With little coaxing, either of them can be lured into bed regardless of player gender, which makes certain permutations of the following scene one of the first instances of same-sex marriage depicted in a video game.

Fallout: new vegas almost had a funny, trashy romance story

But the tryst is interrupted halfway into the act by their father, who forces the player to either flee, naked, into the night leaving behind precious supplies or get hitched. When the series returned, it was now in the hands of Bethesda, and things looked very different.

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He wants you to re-arm the bomb at the center of the settlement so that his equally unpleasant employer can blow the place off the map. And the effects of that course of action are hilariously tragic: The poor bastard falls immediately, helplessly in love with the player.

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Fallout: New Vegas takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland world where things might be getting better. But even in New Vegasthe lovelorn player is out of luck. In those games, love and friendship with your diverse crew of followers is about agreeing with and bribing them into giving in to your requests, romantic or otherwise. The companions in New Vegas are the most detailed in the series.

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Like your allies in those aforementioned BioWare games, each one has reams of dialogue and their own branching storylines that play out as you journey through the Wastes together. But it never happens.

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But BioWare romance has a nasty tendency to feel like a vending machine; the player puts in the correct responses and declarations of true love fall out. Nobody is ever simply ambivalent, provided the right options are picked. Fallout has always resisted the impulse to make that romantic leap. The Fallout universe is a nasty, cynical place.

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Fake grins and big happy declarations are the symbols and language of the Old World, the one that killed itself in a wave of atomic fire. The A. By William Hughes. Cass rejects the player's advances in Fallout: New Vegas.

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